After School Boys members revealed!

After School Boys

Recently revealed were the seven members of Pledis Boys, also know as After School Boys.

A range of artists from Pledis Entertainment, including, Son Dam Bi, After School, and Pledis Boys will release the annual charity album, 2011 Happy Pledis.

Part of the record sales will go to UNICEF.

The revealed picture of Pledis Boys and a girl pose together, ahead of the eagerly awaited album from them.

Fans have responded positively to the photo: “They are so handsome.” “When are they going to debut?” “Who is the girl standing with Pledis Boys?”

After appearing on MBC’s Star Audition: Great Birth and earning the alias ‘The Second Jung Yong Hwa’, revealed his appearance.

The album 2011 Happy Pledis is due to be released on December 1.



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