ABC News Does Segment on SM Entertainment Trainees

Whether you love or hate Psy’s Gangnam Style, the fact of the matter is that it has opened up the door for K-pop in western market.

ABC news recently featured a piece about one of Korea’s top agencies SM Entertainment, mainly to introduce how k-pop bands and artists get created.

The segment was called ‘K-Pop Boot Camp’. ABC News were allowed to take their camera’s into the SM Entertainment headquarters while a presenter tried her hand at various tasks that would be thrown at her.

ABC News aimed to find out what K-pop artists had to go through before they launched their music careers.


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  1. Americans need to face the fact that Psy isn’t the only Kpop artist that is the no.1 best. Yeah, he has a viral video that is awesome. But real Kpop fans know that he is just a tiny glimpse of the Kpop world. There are groups that can give you a whole new view. I will name some

    Global Groups:

    Super Junior (with sub groups like SJ-M which is the most popular right now, promoting in China) (tons of fans and largest boy group containing 15 members. 2 are only in SJ-M) Fandom name: ELFs (ever lasting friends) won Album of the Year for 2012 (yes that popular. My no.1 fave) (one member named Henry Lau. Born in Canada and found by SM for his violin abilities)

    SNSD a.k.a Girl’s Generation( also with sub groups)

    TVXQ (one of the legendary groups) (used to be a group of 5, now a two member group) Fandom name: Cassieoppeas

    Big Bang (awesome group with some party songs that are a hit) (each member are also soloists) fandom name: VIPs

    2ne1 (the girl version of Big Bang) Fandom name: Blackjacks

    F(x) (new girl group with one member born in America. Please acknowledge that) Fandom name: Affectionates

    Shinwa (legendary and oldest boy group) (separated from SM company because of contracts and became their own company. Supported by fans)

    Shinee (another boy group with lots of fans)

    EXO (currently separated into 2 groups. EXO-M and EXO-K for China and Korea. Second largest group of 12) Fandom name: EXOtics

    MBLAQ (rising to popularity group) one of my favs

    B2ST a.k.a BEAST (another rising to popularity group) Fandom name: Beauties

    2PM and 2AM (was originally one whole group. Company separated according to members’ abilities) (2PM just finished promoting in Japan)

    And many many more…

    Famous Soloists:

    BoA (legendary girl soloist and STILL going!!!)

    G-Dragon (leader of BigBang. Won Artist of the Year) (his current hit song “Crayon”, is Korea’s “Gangnam Style”) (part of same company as Psy)

    And more but I can’t think of any more…

    Many people say they are fans. But they only like them because of their looks. Please appreciate them because of their looks AND songs. They worked very hard this year. Recently, there has been people saying that they are gay. That is absolutely not true. Koreans have their own culture were guys are closer to each other than in America. IT IS THEIR CULTURE. Henry from SJ-M has proof. When he first met them when he was moving to Korea from Toronto, Canada, he had an impression that they were gay. But after awhile, he became used to it and know that they aren’t gay.

    Also, to those who only know Psy. Use him as a gateway to the Kpop world. This is a great chance for you to learn new cultures, languages, and music styles. View some of the Artists that I mentioned earlier. They are hits in Korea and the world. Yes, there are international fans. Here. Let me suggest some songs

    Hit Songs:

    Super Junior:
    It’s You
    No Other
    Sorry Sorry
    Sexy, Free, and Single
    Marry U

    Fantastic Baby
    Bad Boy


    Girl’s Generation:
    The Boys

    Electric Shock

    I Am The Best
    Lollipop ft. BigBang

    Keep Your Head Down

    Ring Ding Dong

    Beautiful Night

    Hands Up

    Mona Lisa
    It’s War


    No Mercy
    Thank you for reading!

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