AA(Double A)’s Aoora celebrates 600 day anniversary with a Pink cover



600 days after AA’s first debut stage, eldest member Aoora treated fans to a well put together cover of Pink’s ‘Just give me a reason’.

For days AA have been posting mysterious signs on their twitter leaving fans curious as to what their next project will entail. They first posted this [quote]@2011__AA: What ??


Leaving fans to speculate about the groups upcoming comeback. However, a few hours later ..

[quote] @2011__AA: Tomorrow! :) BNg38INCMAA2kfO[/quote]

To the shock of everyone, the surprise was Aoora covering Pink’s ‘Just give me a reason’.

Does this mean the highlighted ‘A’ meant Aoora? What else could this code mean? Kpopconcerts will be keeping fans updated. Check out the cover below!




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