AA (Double A) “So Crazy” debut on Music Core

Kpop's AA (Double A)

Kpop’s newest group is five member AA (Double A); Aoora, Kimchi, Woosang, Hoik, and Joowon. Their first ever stage appearance was through the 2011 Hallyu concert on October 28th. AA (Double A) then went on to make their second live stage performance at the 2011 Love Sharing Concert on November 6th.

AA (Double A) released their debut single, “So Crazy,” on November 3rd. The single includes an intro track as well as its title track, “So Crazy,” and “Call.” Tonight, AA (Double A) performed their 3rd debut stage on Music core.

AA (Double A)’s debut performance below.

Source: Koreaboo

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