AA (Double A) have announced they will be coming back soon

Powerful rookie group AA (Double A) made up from members (left- right) Juwon, Kimchi, Aoora, Woosang and Hoik who debuted in November with amazing song ‘Because im crazy’  have updated their offical Facebook page  this (below) saying they will be coming back soon!

Double AA Comeback 2012

Since debut promotions, the group haven’t been around as much as other rookie groups and they are yet to confirm a date for comeback. However, member Aoora updated their official Youtube channel yesterday with  him playing the piano and singing this own rendition of Jay Sean’s ‘Down’.

Watch Aoora below.


  1. im so happy! i just discovered AA on mnet a couple of days ago and fell in love with Ho-ik. i cant wait to hear his beautiful voice in more songs! AA hwaiting!

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