A-PRINCE Celebrate 300 Days Since Debut and Announce Comeback


A-PRINCE just recently celebrated their 300th day since releasing their debut.

A post of their official Facebook page announced it to fans, “To all A-LANDs! September 5th is A-Prince 300th day since official debut. You can send your greetings to our princes Sungwon, Minhyuk, Seungjun, Siyoon and Woobin below this post. Send your tweets to @APRINCEofficial with a hashtag #300dayswithAPrince ~<3,". A-PRINCE's agency, New Planet Entertainment, dropped a hint at their Korean comeback whilst talking about the groups rising popularity in Asia, "A-PRINCE is receiving a hot response in Southeast Asia. But they are still a rookie group in Korea so they need to gain more recognition there. They are currently preparing for a comeback with a new album. [A-PRINCE] will work hard to be a group that receives love both in Korea and overseas." A-PRINCE have returned to Korea after tours in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. They are due to perform in Japan on October 23 for the FunLIVE concert at Zepp Tokyo.


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