2YOON Release BTS Footage For ’24/7′ MV & Photoshoot


2YOON, the 4Minute sub-unit composed of members Jiyoon and Gayoon, recently made their debut with their first mini album, ‘Harvest Moon’! The duo will be promoting the track ’24/7′, for which a music video was also made, featuring cute outfits, an adorable farm, and a country pop track. Behind-the-Scenes footage of filming the music video as well as the photo shoot for the album was released not long after the music video was released. Watch the footage below:

2YOON – BTS Music Video Footage

The footage shows very brief scenes of Jiyoon and Gayoon preparing for the music video filming, along with the extras featured in the music video, who include members of BTOB and Jung Hyungdon. At the end of the footage, members of 4Minute as well as those used as extras give messages expressing support for 2YOON’s debut.


2YOON – BTS Photo Shoot Footage

Whilst the music video presents 2YOON as a cute and fun duo, the photo shoot reveals a more peaceful and calm side of the two girls, as the photo shoot BTS footage reveal Jiyoon and Gayoon as nature girls, dressed in neutral colours, surrounded by plants and country.

What do you think of 2YOON’s debut concept?




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