2YOON Release ’24/7′ MV


It’s finally here! CUBE Entertainment have kept anxious 4Minute fans waiting since last year, as the formation of sub-unit 2YOON was announced. Now, however, fans no longer have to wait as the music video for 2YOON’s ’24/7′ has been released, along with their debut mini album, ‘Harvest Moon’. Watch the music video below:


The music video features both Jiyoon and Gayoon dressed glamorously, before transforming into cute and innocent country girls. The pair definitely suit the natural and fun atmosphere of the country scene concept used for the music video. Lively choreography is also used for the chorus, adding to the busy feel of the video.

You may also be able to spot several stars throughout the video! On the farm, several workers can be seen in the background – can you recognise them? They’re members of BTOB! Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel and Minhyuk are messing around on the farm, and later on form part of the dance troop following the steps of 2YOON. Another celebrity you may be able to – and should – spot, is Jung Hyungdon! The comedian shows off his rodeo skills as he rides a mechanical bull, whilst spitting water everything, adding comic relief to the video.

The track itself is unique to most of the K-Pop we may hear on a regular basis as this is the first time a country-pop genre has been attempted! The song, however, does not stray too far from the pop sound as heavy power chords are ripped and heavy bass beats are heard throughout. Gayoon’s vocals through the verses can be compared to rap, but is kept cute to avoid dampening the preppy rhythm. Jiyoon’s mindblowing high notes are also heard throughout the track. Of course, they wouldn’t be 4Minute’s vocal best without a dramatic vocal climax, which the track is not lacking in. Together, Jiyoon and Gayoon definitely form a powerful vocal duo.

How do you like the unique country sound?




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