2NE1’s Sandara Get a Kiss From Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber and Sandara Park

Justin Bieber gives 2NE1’s Sandara Park a peck on the cheek in a photo uploaded on Ben Baller’s Weibo.

Ben Baller uploaded the photo on October 11 with the caption, “Last night in the VIP room with Justin & Dara #heartbreaker”.

However the photo was later taken down after Justin made an appearance at Jay Park’s new record label launch, AOMG.

There was a number of celebrities that turned out at the exclusive launch party including TaeYang, G-Dragon CL, HyoYeon Yoon Ah, Clara Jang, Jo Kwon, Ga In Min Jia, Hye Rim Gang In, and G.NA.

Justin Bieber held his first concert in Korea at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on October 10.


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