2NE1’s Minzy Owns Up to Plastic Surgery

After recent photo’s of Minzy performing at KBS 1’s Music Concert, fans started to notice her looks had changed. Rumours started circulating around the internet about her having surgery, back up with screen caps of the concert. A representative of the singer originally told the public that her altered looks are just a product of her growing up, and naturally changing.

During an interview with Osen, Minzy revealed that she had in fact had surgery done to her nose. She said;

“There’s a lot of talk about my change in appearance these days. I’m not the type of person who can hide things, so I wanted to come out and tell everyone right away. I had been suffering from rhinitis for a long time, so I always had a hard time while singing and dancing. When I went to the hospital, they told me that because my nose was crooked, I had to get surgery for a perfect recovery.

It was the first time I’d ever undergone surgery, so I was worried at first. Then my mother suggested that while I’m fixing my crooked nose, I should receive cosmetic surgery as well. That’s why it took even longer for me to decide.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk is against plastic surgery so I didn’t dare bring it up, but I got the courage and discussed it with him. Then he said, ‘In the past, Gummy and Wheesung also suffered from rhinitis. As long as you are going to, you should go with your mother’s advice.’ With a lot of bravery, I underwent surgery for rhinitis and received cosmetic surgery for my nose.”

What do you think about surgery in K-Pop?


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