2AM to Comeback with New Logo

2AM recently announced to fans that they would be back soon and unveiled a new logo on their official website.

Chang Min narrated a teaser video released on February 28, “It’s been one and a half years since we broke up. I tried to manage and comfort myself. How do I look? I’ve been like this these days.”

Chang Min explained the new logo is suppose to represent the emotions of the group. Total Impact, a creative agency in Korea, made the new logo.

Total Impact president, Oh Young Sik said, “It was very difficult to make a logo which shares emotional feelings with the public. We needed to use our imagination to make a logo that represents the music.”

He also explained about the feminine theme to the new logo, “Since 2AM has a lot of female fans, so we used a feminine and sensitive ’avant-garde’ font.

2AM are set to release their mini-album on March 12.

Source: Starnews


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