Girl’s Generation to release repackage version of their 3rd album

Girl’s Generation recently made a successful Korean comeback with the hit song The Boys and took over the charts for a strong 5 weeks.

A few days ago, SM Entertainment revealed that “SNSD will perform ‘Mr. Taxi’ on the December 2nd broadcast of ‘Music Bank, and will be accelerating their promotions until the end of the year.” The company also revealed that they will be releasing a Mr Taxi repackage version of the 3rd album. It has been said that this album will feature 13 tracks, with the title track being Mr Taxi and it will also include the English version of their hit comeback single The Boys.

Mr Taxi was initially Girl’s Generation’s first original Japanese single and it was the title track on their first Japanese self-titled studio album. It gained a lot popularity and interest in Japan, and allowed the girls to take over music charts such as Oricon and Billboard Japan so fans and critics alike are sure that this follow up promotion will continue the winning trend that has been set by The Boys.

The new concept for Mr Taxi seems to be similar to the original Japanese release concept but the girls have swapped their bright yellow matching playsuits for black tops and leather shorts and knee-high boots, giving off a sexier feel when compared to their much more sophisticated concept for The Boys.

The news of the repackage album and the release of the jacket photo have been gaining much attention and fans are eagerly waiting for the release which is to be on December 8th 2011 and is scheduled to be on the shelves of music stores by the 9th.





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