‘Song of the Year Award’ for BEAST

Cube Entertainment’s Beast have ended 2011 on a real high at the KBS Music Festival 2011.

Beast won ‘Song of the Year‘ for their track ‘Fiction’. Beast were straight on their Twitter accounts thanking fans for their support.

Votes for the awards were taken from a global audience, where international fans were allowed to sms in their vote.

Here are the translated tweets from the members (thanks to mybeastyboys@twitter)

(Leader) Dujun: “Oh my god…..,, B2UTY you are the best…… Truly..“

(Rapper) Junhyung: “Ah… I’m still dumbfounded… Thank you so much B2UTYs… I said, thank you very much B2UTYS.. Like I said, really, thank you so much B2UTYs…” & “Woo Sin Hyung and Tiger Hyung need to receive congrats wishes too!!! He He He”

(Maknae) Dongwoon: “I’m going crazy, really. I still can’t believe it. Thank you so much really…I’ll reward you guys back I love you B2UTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ And also, Gi Kwang-hyung Congrats for your newcomer award!!!!! Ah tears is coming outTT”

(Vocalist) Yoseob: ” Ah…Because of B2UTY I’m always happy…..Thank you…..Aigoo..TT I’ll work even harder !!!!!!! Going to rehearsal with a joyful heart!!!! I love you B2UTY♥”

(Dancer) Hyunseung: “For getting Song of The Year award, Thank you so so much B2UTY. In future we’ll show a better performance and will let you listen to our songs. Have a blessed new year !!! ^^”

Beast manager even showed his gratitude to fans, “Thank you all B2UTIES *BOW*”.

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