SURAN Emits Comforting Vibes in “Blanket” Release

After launching her own independent label, S-TASY, and captivating fans with her beautiful, dreamy single, “Sunny,” Korean singer-songwriter SURAN made her return with the ultimate comfort song, “Blanket” featuring rising rap star, Wonstein.

Korean singer-songwriter posing for a photo for her new song "Blanket"

“My new song ‘Blanket’ featuring Wonstein is a fun, cozy pop song that celebrates chilling at home. Stay safe everyone and I hope I can give you good vibes from my song!”

“Blanket” is a playful, pop track inspired by the singer-songwriter’s life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lyrics go, “I’ll just watch Netflix / I can’t go out or do anything / There is no right answer anyways / I learned that a long time ago.” Co-written by SURAN and featured rapper, Wonstein, the song zigzags between the desire of wanting to go out and have fun and the realization that it’s best to chill at home until the world is back in order. “It’s about living out your dreams and fantasies even though we are stuck at home in our blankets.” SURAN shared in an interview with Sweety High.

In the music video for “Blanket,” SURAN shows us exactly how to make the most of her situation and keep herself entertained at home. The video showcases SURAN in her cluttered living room as she finds different ways to occupy herself such as, playing with a nerf gun, playing her keyboard, and dancing in front of the camera as if no one is watching. The fun is amplified once Wonstein arrives and two duke it out in an intense video game match, watch some Netflix, and vibe out in each other’s company. 

Limitations only live within our minds. Until the day comes when the world goes back to normal, let’s all hold onto those fond, pre-pandemic memories and make new ones. Cozy up under your favorite blanket, start that new Netflix series, grab your favorite comfort drink, and let your dreams and imagination run free. 

Stream “Blanket” on all streaming platforms and check out the music video, below!

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