[REVIEW] Fall Down the Rabbit Hole into ‘BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2’


The multitalented rapper BLOO gained widespread recognition both critically and commercially for his silky vocals and evocative lyrics on the viral hit “Downtown Baby” in 2020. The rapper and vocalist released the long awaited LP, BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2, a continuation of the first part released in 2018.

Solo rapper BLOO featured on the cover of the K-Hip-Hop+82 Spotify playlist.
Screenshot of the K-Hip-Hop+82 Spotify playlist.

After dominating 2020 and gaining mainstream fame, the 26-year-old plans to build on his colossal year with the release of his first-ever full-length album. The album’s success even clinched a spot for the artist on the cover of Spotify’s beloved “K-Hip-Hop +82” playlist.

BLOO IN THE WONDERLAND 2, the rapper’s most ambitious and accomplished project so far, further secures his spot as one of Korea’s most polarizing and cult-followed artists. The LP features the versatility of BLOO’s musicality with 13 diverse tracks consisting of his signature boasting rap-style, infused jazz-band instrumental, and low auto-tune vocals with previously-released alt-R&B track “Drama,” alluring lead single “Come and Kiss Me,” and gasconade rap cut “Rap.”

The rhythmic track “Pills and Drinks” kicks off the album with a smooth, jazzy tone. Although the track incorporates a laid back beat, the song lyrically addresses the darker topic of internal loneliness. The rapper touches on how his life at times feels repetitive with going to work, meeting new people, and popping pills to fall asleep. Acknowledging the life he finds himself caught up in, the idea of isolation appeals more than dragging a loved one into the mix. He asks himself the existential question, “What am I doing now?” 

Screenshot from BLOO’s “Come and Kiss Me” music video

The album’s leading track, “Come and Kiss Me,” follows with a sultry aura provided by sensual lyrics that are simple in nature. Dark sensuality is incorporated into the music video with the use of red and green undertones, complimenting the song’s grungy atmosphere. Fall for BLOO’s duality and magnetic pull as he attempts to persuade his love interest to be with him.

From the amorous track “Come and Kiss Me,” the album takes a turn to the braggadocio rap cut “RAP.” The aggressive, almost threatening tone demands attention. BLOO wants others to know that he will continue to dominate the industry, as he has nothing to lose. His fearless personality allows him to create and perform freely, a quality he claims others do not possess. The rapper refers to himself as a “genius” and “Picasso” in one breath, showing that he doesn’t care about what others think of him because he knows in the end he will come out on top.

Get Money I Love It” follows with an electric guitar opening. The rapper explains his love for making money, music, and supporting his lavish lifestyle. The desire to get up and go wild grows with each second of this head banging track.

Bloo and actress staring at each other lovingly from BLOO's music video Drama.
Screenshot from BLOO’s “Drama” music video

From the upbeat tone of “Get Money I Love It,” the album causes whiplash with another vibe switch. “Drama” offers an airy feel with soft vocal layering. BLOO shows his softer side with the story of a love that to him feels like a drama. The story of played emotions and the desperate desire for a relationship to continue lyrically compliments the gentle, more passionate melody. 

TALK TO ME” flows with a chill, wavy beat and riff arrangement that works in harmony with the artist’s rap style. “in the dark” follows next with an eerie whisper. The electronic elements create an ominous atmosphere as he questions what is missing from his life.

After the heavier ensemble, BLOO gives the listener a lighter track with “what if.” The artist uses upbeat EDM sounds and a touch of catchy whistling to mask the hurt he feels when he thinks of someone he used to love. The track allows for us to take a breath before experiencing the boisterous track “Stylish2015.”

Anxiety disorder” offers a slower, sweeter R&B sound. Soft electric elements and a beautiful piano outro perfectly compliment the rapper’s smooth vocals. Lyrically, he lists little things his significant other does that has made him fall in love. He finds himself overwhelmed with gratitude, but his anxiety triggers at the doubtful thoughts that the relationship could end.

The next two singles, “Hella Lit” and “Drama – NERD remix,” show the artist’s fun, playful side. Incorporating summer sounds, these songs are to be blasted at full volume with the car windows rolled down. 

Wrapping up the album with jazz infused elements, “Bloo Story” unfolds the narrative of how the rapper came to be. The track goes in depth, from when he fell in love with music at church, to his family telling him it was a waste of his time, to him finally making it big. Although the rapper typically displays a god-like ego, he acknowledges that without his fans, success is impossible.

Overall, the album offers a variety of songs that showcase BLOO’s musical evolution and signature melodic flow. The rapper’s contradictory personality shines through each song, showcasing the different viewpoints he has of the world and an in depth view of his internal monologue. Like all of us, although he may have a tough exterior, a softer side hides beneath desiring to be loved. Interlacing real meaning and a piece of himself in each song, the enthralling album reveals the inner workings of BLOO.

BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2 may be BLOO’s first full album, but it already has made headlines. We are more than looking forward to seeing what the artist cooks up next.

Stream BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2 on Spotify and check out the music videos for “Come and Kiss Me” and “Drama” below!

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