NIve Does Not Want to “party without u”

NIve - party without u album cover

On his third anniversary since debut with “Getaway,” singer-songwriter NIve released his new single, “party without u.” Embodying a hybrid of emotions ranging from sadness, loneliness, and regret, the funky pop track is the 28-year-old artist’s first all-English single since his 2019 single, “Tired.” 

When you love somebody, you find that a hardened heart can become soft and tender. While that process and the feelings that come with it can be beautiful, it also means that you may be prone to moments of weakness and uncertainty. NIve’s latest single is all about that flurry of emotions, expressed in the form of a “solo pity party.” NIve laments that life is a party and the party stops for no one, but he doesn’t want a party without the love of his life. 

Without skipping a beat, NIve showcases his dynamic range as an artist and songwriter as he sews his own heart back together in this raw depiction of a lover’s quarrel. Throughout the song, he expresses his desire to pick up the pieces of a shattered relationship. “I didn’t mean to start a fight / What I said to you wasn’t true / And I wanna apologize / Oh even though I can’t undo.” The contrast of the desperation in the song’s lyrics juxtaposed against the backdrop of a relatively chill track production brings a rather unique tension to the song, which is exactly what NIve intended. 

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On the release date, NIve took to Instagram Live to celebrate with his fans and also deconstructed the track to discuss the complexity of the production process. He shared that the parts of the introduction and the wispy background vocals were actually recorded on an iPhone. He enthusiastically shared his love for the device’s Voice Memos and how using it to record helped him develop his own signature sound. He went on to share his fondness for the sound of a ticking clock and that he always integrates it into his produced pieces. In “party without u,” he mixed the ticking sound with a loop of the percussion. “When I produce I always include the clock sound to hint the percussion sounds … I don’t think people realize that!” Pairing these elements with his iPhone recorded audio, NIve crafted an impressive track that he could be proud of.

In his Instagram Live he shared how he once had a party when he was younger and while people did show up, he was stricken with worry that no one would come to his party. The “party without u” visualizer brought this worry to life, displaying NIve sadly celebrating his birthday party by himself with no guests in attendance. Since its release, the video’s comment section was filled with positive messages from his fans, “It’s amazing how Jisoo manages to make you connect immediately with his music. He has an incredible talent that not many artists have.” Another comment said, “The lyrics, the voice and singing conveys the feeling of broken heart yearning for the loved one. It touched my heart. Thank you NIve for another beautiful song!”

NIve is showing that he’s a global talent to be reckoned with, not bending to traditional rules of what language or what region he needs to release his music in. In 2021, he received support as a primary talent for campaigns carried out by some of the world’s most influential platforms, including Spotify and Airbnb.

NIve’s new single “party without u” is out now out worldwide! Stream it out Spotify, below!

NIve - party without u album cover
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  1. Thank you for this lovely piece on Nive. Indeed he is referred to as the “musician of musicians” for a reason. His multi- faceted talents as a singer/songwriter/ producer as well as his charming personality continue to draw fans across the globe. His songs are about feelings and emotions, which know no boundaries and he is able to convey these with tenderness and empathy.
    We wish him all the best in his artistic pursuit

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