[EVENT] Omega X Announces First Offline and Online Fan Meeting

Rookie K-Pop group Omega X will meet their fans For X in person and online at their first ever
fan meeting!

OMEGA X 1st Fan Meeting “PRESENT” will take place on Saturday, November 20 at 3PM (KST) at M Five. The online event will be held concurrently with the offline event via Hello82.

The 11 members are determined to make their first fan meeting a special one as they plan to
drop an unreleased song titled “Present” exclusively for their fans. Although not additional information about the song has been released yet, fans can expect to see a charismatic performance that has become a signature trait for the newly debuted boy group.

Ticket Information

Omega X Fan Meeting: Present
Cr. Spire Entertainment

Online Tickets

Tickets to participate online are available on hello82.tv. Fans can watch the fan meeting online
by creating an account and following the steps to purchase tickets on hello82. According to
hello82, the viewing page will be up an hour before the start of the show. Fans can access the
performance directly without a viewing code verification process by simply logging into the
account that they used to purchase the ticket.

Online tickets can be purchased by November 20, 2021, at 3PM (KST), an hour after the start of
the show. A full refund will be made if a ticket is canceled before Friday, November 19, at
5PM (KST). For inquiries about the online fan meeting, please visit hello82’s Frequently Asked
Questions page. Additional inquiries can be directed to their help chat support, which is
available from 10AM-7PM (KST).

Offline Tickets

Tickets to attend the performance in person and meet the members face to face are available by invitation only on App!e Music Korea. App!e Music Korea will send an invitation to a hundred fans who purchase Omega X’s first single album ‘What’s Goin’ On’ on their platform on a first-come, first-served basis.

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