Kevin Woo Pushes and Pulls in “Got It”US Debut

Korean American singer Kevin Woo made his highly anticipated US debut with his retro pop single “Got It.” “Got It” is about the push-and-pull of an unhealthy toxic relationship and the desire of going back to someone you know is not good for you. Kevin worked with producer Shintaro Yasuda, who produced and co-wrote Ariana Grande and The Weeknd’s “Off the Table.”

The “Got It” music video opens up with shots of Kevin driving a vintage Camaro near the oceanside. It cuts to Kevin wearing a maroon outfit and dancing in a darker, moody atmosphere. There is a use of monochromatic lighting to contrast the conflicting feelings in the relationship. When they are intimate the lighting is red, showing us their passion and love for each other. When the lighting is blue, Kevin is distressed, searching for his partner, and reaching out for them desperately. The contrasting color tones perfectly capture the push and pull of an unhealthy relationship.

In the behind-the-scenes of the “Got It” music video, Kevin Woo expressed his excitement at having full creative freedom and control over the production of his debut single. From songwriting to the music video direction, Kevin excitedly talked about how he brought his visions to life in the music video’s behind-the-scenes clip. “As soon as I heard this track, even before I made the melody and the lyrics to it, I was already thinking about this music video,” he shared. “I was envisioning myself driving down the PCH [Pacific Coast Highway], kinda like an 80’s retro feel.” He also cites one of his favorite movies, Drive, to be the foundation of the music video’s inspiration. 

As Kevin makes his transition into the US music market, he still pays homage to his K-Pop roots by incorporating full-length, eye-catching choreography to his performances. Oftentimes, K-Pop artists will integrate choreography to their songs and release performance videos so fans can take a closer look at the dance moves and learn it at home. Kevin released a performance video that highlights the raw emotions of the lyrics in the choreography. When Kevin sings, “There’s no escaping I’m suffocating,” he pushes his way through his backup dancers who attempt to block his path. During the second verse “The way you movin’ it drives me crazy” Kevin brings in his female backup dancer to stand in as his lover. He becomes fully captivated by her as she dances, tying into the verse’s lyrics. Kevin has put in a great deal of care and thought into his US debut.

Kevin has partnered up with KLKTN to release NFT digital artworks alongside his music video. Kevin is the Creative Director and first artist on KLKTN’s new platform. These NFTs have been featured throughout the music video as a first look. Fans can purchase digital artwork as a memento that also includes digital experiences with Kevin Woo. Kevin’s current special edition art collection includes The “Got it” Key, The Teardrop, and A Shattered Heart. The Teardrop NFT features nine exclusive behind-the-scenes moments and a portrait with Kevin Woo in his Digital Photo Booth. Different NFT artworks include different digital experiences that fans can enjoy with Kevin Woo. Interested Klovers can check out Kevin Woo’s collection here!

Make sure to check out “Got it” out on all streaming platforms and the music video down below!

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