Vocal Duo KEEMBO Says “WHATEVER” to Trivial Arguments in Latest Release

Sometimes when caught up in a lover’s quarrel, i’s better to agree to disagree. In vocal duo KEEMBO’s new track, “Whatever!” If you’re still searching for new additions to your curated K-Pop spring playlist, vocal duo KEEMBO just dropped their latest digital single, “WHATEVER”!  

The name KEEMBO is derived from the combination of Kim Boa and Kim Bohyung’s last names (Kim) and the first syllable of their first names (Bo). While KEEMBO made their debut just last year, they are by no means rookies. Boa and Bohyun were two of the once-five-piece girl group, SPICA. The group had steadily acquired national attention for the members’ equally powerful vocals, flawless harmonies, and their ever-catchy bops like “I’ll Be There, their all-English track, “I Did It,” and the fan favorite “Tonight.” Following the group’s untimely disbandment in 2017, Boa and Bohyung joined forces and are ready to release another discography of earworms once again. 

KEEMBO’s latest digital single, “WHATEVER,” is an easy-going pop single about a couple who have withstood their most heated and coldest moments in their relationship and just say “Whatever!”, dismissing the situation. The lyrics, go “At times, we burn like a dry fire / At times, we freeze up like winter rain /  I’ll embrace them all / For they were all you /  I’ll trust them all” With minimal instrumentals paired with the duo’s effortlessly powerful vocals, the song is addictive and a perfect addition to your spring-curated playlist. 

Check out KEEMBO’s “WHATEVER” music video below and stream the track on Spotify!

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