[EVENT] byebyesea to Perform New Single “Your 1g” at Live Concert on May 15

On May 11, Korean indie band byebyesea released their new song, “Your 1g.” 

byebyesea is composed of bandmates Namu (Guitar, Vocal), Sunje Woo (Guitar), and Myungje Woo (Bass). The trio established their foundation in Hongdae’s indie rock scene before signing with Fluxus Music. The group officially debuted in 2009 where they incorporated electronic sounds to their lyrical, acoustic sets. For those who are not familiar with the group, you’ve probably heard of their 2009 breakout hit, “Star Shower (별빛이 내린다).” The song’s signature “shalalalala” is iconic and became a staple in Korea as a way to convey feelings of being star struck or in awe of a situation. To this day, the song’s iconic jingle is being used for TV programs, variety shows, and CFs. The band has also been featured on dramas such as Playful Kiss and I Am Legend.

byebyesea’s new song “Your 1g” marks the group’s latest experiment into a new sound, while still maintaining their signature color. Written and composed by Namu, it features a refreshing, retro vibe and sings of body positivity. The song is an anti-diet anthem, using its uplifting, city-pop sound and sweet lyrics to elicit listeners to embrace their bodies just the way they are.

Concert Information 

In addition to the new release, the group will also be holding a solo concert tomorrow at 6PM (KST) at the Gureum Arae Small Theater in Hongdae. Their first concert in over a year, the group will debut the live performances of “Your 1g” and their recent Christmas song, “Hi, Merry Christmas” at the concert. The show is almost sold out, so grab your tickets here while you can! 

Stream byebyesea’s new song “Your 1g” on Spotify, below!


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