JAMIE Refuses to Let Anyone Crash Her “Pity Party”

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Fresh off of her massive success collaborating with global stars Doja Cat and Saweetie, K-Pop sensation JAMIE recently released an all-English single “Pity Party” accompanied by a sultry music video to proclaim her ability to rebound and prevail from tough situations threatening to drag her down. The track marks her first song since the English version of her single, “No Numbers,” four months prior.

Despite the number of songs released over the last two years, JAMIE continues to gain respect and recognition as one of the most featured artists in Korea. Recently collaborating with David Guetta, Ty Dolla $ign, and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie on the single, “Family” and dominating the charts, she quickly constructed an impressive repertoire to display her musical duality. She proves her ability to be multifaceted not only in her vocal abilities, but also in her capacity to dance around different genres.

Offering a disco beat and emotional rawness, “Pity Party” negates the negative influences attempting to bring her down, allowing her to grow stronger and more confident as she embarks on the unknown future ahead. The lyrics “I’m feeling sad, I’m spiral falling all the way down, the only way is up,” conveys JAMIE’s realization that an optimistic approach to life is the only way to bounce back stronger from setbacks. By implementing all English lyrics, she hopes to expand her reach in order to relate and spark inspiration to fans globally.

Cr. Warner Music Korea

JAMIE demonstrates her vocal duplexity by implementing full, even toned vocals during the chorus and light tones throughout the softer verses. A dark, alluring music video compliments the track to accentuate the emotions felt after breaking up through the use of dim lighting, sensual colors, and eerie cinematography. Following a brief introduction to the track, the scene shows JAMIE confidently sitting in a luxurious black outfit, ready to take on the night and forget her worries. Increasing the tension, the camera pans to a chilling man dressed in a white suit walking down a long hallway home to ghosts. The man sits at the head of an opulent table as JAMIE and a line of masked female dancers zealously dance and sing the chorus. The scene unveils a side yet unseen to fans as JAMIE showcases a cool, modish choreography emphasizing her decision to reinvent her artistic persona. The music video quickly intensifies after offering the man a mysterious elixir. After consuming, the atmosphere and aura of the environment changes from dark to a brighter celebration, signaling the discovery of self-love, confidence, and pride.

“Pity Party” not only marks JAMIE’s musical beginning for the year, but for her new, reinvented identity as an artist. Full of uncapped potential and undeniable confidence, an exciting future awaits for JAMIE and her fans.

Make sure to check out “Pity Party” on all streaming platforms and check out the thrilling music video below!

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