[RECAP] BLITZERS Checks All The Boxes on their Impressive First-Ever Concert in Los Angeles

Cr. Lucy H.

On February 5, BLITZERS made their live concert debut in Los Angeles for their inaugural U.S. tour. Presented by Powerhouse Live, the 2022 U.S. TOUR [Check-in] brought members GO_U, JUHAN, JINHWA, SYA, CHRIS, LUTAN, and WOOJU across six cities. Despite having just debuted in May 2021, the rookie group hailing from WUZO Entertainment embraced the opportunity to go on tour and meet their overseas fans. 

The septet actively showcased their LA excursions on their social media. From digging into their first In-N-Out burgers, to attending a Lakers basketball game, to ATEEZ’s concert, they enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. In between all the fun and games, the members diligently promoted their concert through exclusive press interviews and busking activities at Santa Monica and UCLA; promotional concert flyers were handed to onlookers, inviting anyone and everyone to come to their show and see what they had to offer.

Their efforts were not in vain. Hours before doors opened, the audience line wrapped around the corner of the iconic El Rey Theatre. The crowd—a mixture of longtime fans (BLEEs) and newfound fans—came to support and gave the BLITZERS members a warm welcome to kick off the tour. The lights dimmed, the curtains were drawn, and BLITZERS flagship concert began. 

Ascribing the term “rookies” to BLITZERS may be unfitting. Previously known as the trainee group WUZO Circle, BLITZERS began releasing K-Pop dance covers and pre-debut tracks on their Youtube Channel where they began garnering worldwide attention and were praised for their impressive performances and stage presence. With their color-coordinated black-and-white attire, BLITZERS warmed up to their first song, “Blitz (Next Level Remix).” Evoking a strong, old-school hip-hop sound with catchy lyrics, this remix was a fresh take on the group’s first pre-debut release. To no surprise, the audience went wild, fans cheered, and sang along to its lyrics, “Hit the stars, we can / Shoot up get high, know we can.”

Despite less than a year into their career, the members showed ease and confidence on the stage. Each member beamed ear to ear during their introductions, feeding off the excitement of the crowd. As they proceeded with their songs, “K-POP” and “Dream Pilot,” the audience mirrored their energy by inundating them with cheers, finger hearts, and more. 

Cr. Ericka P.

The lights brightened up the stage once again as the members shared another ment and connected with the audience before starting the next set with “Hop-in.” With some lighthearted dancing and fun on stage, the group entered their next performance with the charismatic “Will Make a Mistake.” Like many of their songs, “Will Make A Mistake” carries an uplifting message to inspire listeners to not let past mistakes and the fear of making mistakes stop you from living your life. 

Chairs shuffled on stage as the group took a short break to catch up with the crowd. The members showcased a bit of their charming and playful personalities before wrapping up with “Raindrop.” The crowd illuminated the venue with their phone lights and light sticks, swaying to the uplifting beat and melting into the song’s comforting message: the group will be by their side despite the rainfall and any other trouble that may come their way.

As the rest of the members went off stage to change for the next set, CHRIS and WOOJU kept the crowd entertained with fan interactions, commentary, and even an impromptu push up competition that had the crowd egging them on. The show continued with a surprise solo performance by WOOJU. As the venue dimmed and a spotlight shined on center stage, he delivered a phenomenal cover of Harry Styles’ “Falling.” The powerful song calls for a command over vocal facility and range in order to execute the performance well live, and WOOJU checked off all the boxes. The crowd was left in awe before erupting into cheers for the maknae’s impressive performance.

Once all the members were fitted with their new outfits — vibrant blue blazers and black, button-up tops — BLITZERS were ready to continue with the night’s festivities. But first, the show called for a fun fan interactive game of rock-paper-scissors for a prize to be awarded at the end of the show. The crowd’s competitive edge flared as hands quickly shot up, casting their choice.

With some fun and games, the next set began with the group’s “BOBBIN.” Released just prior to their U.S. tour, “BOBBIN” was met by the loudest screams from the crowd for the rock-centric track befitting of its dynamic performance. BLITZERS showcased their energy through their powerful choreography and lyrics about trusting yourself and saying what you want to say.

Cr. Ericka P.

Before moving onto their encore stage, the members expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all those who attended their first concert and made a promise to return with a better stage and even more songs. BLITZERS then kicked off the encore set with their second pre-release track “Drawing Paper,” which immediately hit a chord with BLEEs. The ballad highlights the members’ vocal range and sings of the group’s reflections on their journey to stardom and cherished memories they created with one another. BLITZERS then turned up the heat with “Breathe Again,” their beloved debut track that tells listeners to throw away their worries, take a deep breath, and stay calm. In contrast, the song’s anthemic rock sound and dynamic reignited the crowd’s energy, hyping everyone up as they nodded along to the beat and chanted along. 

As the night was coming to a close, BLITZERS wanted to commemorate their first concert by taking a photo with the audience doing their signature hand sign. The key was to make a Spider Man hand gesture with your left hand (thumb, index, and pinky fingers extended) with your palm facing outward, and a rock n roll gesture with your right hand (index and pinky finger extended) with your palm facing inward. When combined, it becomes a “B” for “BLITZERS.” Although some had difficulty at first, the audience got the hang of it once the members patiently guided everyone through the steps.

For their send-off, BLITZERS serenaded the audience with their honey-sweet vocals in “Forever in My Heart.” Scooching to the edge of the stage, posing for photos/videos, and throwing cute fan service to the crowd, they members made this encore an experience to remember. Whether a BLEE or a new listener, BLITZERS left with a memory for everyone on their stage in Los Angeles. As the group begins to wrap up their first U.S. tour, the City of Angels will eagerly await their return.

Written by: Katie N. & Ericka P.

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  1. Eles merecem o mundo, primeira turnê de muitas que estão por vim, tudo de bom para os meus meninos que me enchem de orgulho todos os dias! ❤️

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