GSoul Pleads I “Need You (Outro)”

GSoul - "Need You (Outro)"
Cr. Warner Music Korea

Coming off the release of his English EP, Natural, singer-songwriter GSoul recently released the intoxicating single “Need You (Outro)” to act as a wrap-up extension of the EP under Warner Music Korea. The dreamy ensemble incorporates a rock feel and GSoul’s signature full bodied vocals to provide a hazy exit to his previous work.

Back in 2019, following his return from military service, GSoul looked to make a comeback in the industry. Kicking off his comeback debut, he released the heartbreaking EP titled, “Hate Everything,” racking up over 20 million streams across platforms. In 2020, he surprised fans and coaches of “The Voice” Korea when auditioning under his birth name Kim Ji Hyun.

Prior to the release of “Need You (Outro),” GSoul received a shoutout on Instagram from BTS member, Jungkook, resulting in significant attention. Building off of the hype, he beautifully covered Jungkook’s viral hit “Still With You,” which gained over a million likes and currently has over seven million views on Instagram. GSoul continues to make a name for himself as one of the bigger names in the Korean R&B genre, selling out his two planned shows in London and Paris, resulting in the addition of two additional performance dates.

GSoul - "Need You (Outro)"
Cr. Warner Music Korea

“Need You (Outro)” begins with a trippy introduction, setting up GSoul’s distorted vocals. Throughout the entirety of the track, he desperately begs and pleads to his significant other for them to stay by his side. Realizing the possibility of losing them, he expresses, “Just stay with me because I need you/ Tell me, I’d do anything but/ You’re too stuck in hesitation/ All I wanted was to have you/ Now I’m gonna give all I got.” Full of emotion and distressed vocals, “Need You (Outro)” stands both solidly alone and when wrapping up the story of Natural.

A retro lyric video accompanies the track to amplify and illustrate the emotions felt throughout the lyrics. The video displays GSoul singing into a mic, playing the guitar, and random clips shot in night mode. Perfectly complimenting the vintage, rock influenced vibe of the track, the visuals illustrate every emotion felt in a raw, creative way.

GSoul continues to prove himself as a major player in the Korean R&B scene by consistently producing tracks full of tender melodies, powerful lyrics, and raw vocals. He next plans to embark alongside fellow R&B artists oceanfromtheblue and Woogie to perform in Europe this week.

Make sure to stream “Need You (Outro)” on all streaming platforms and check out the lyric video linked below!

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