GreatGuys Risk Everything for “Blind Love” in Latest EP

Not everybody is willing to risk everything. But in GreatGuys’ latest mini-album and music video, the boys risk everything for those they love. Composed of two tracks plus their instrumentals, this fourth mini-album We’re Not Alone Final: Only You tells a grand tale of taking a chance on love and praying to keep it near. 

After their debut on August 25, 2017 with the single “Last Men,” members Jaei, Horyeong, Haneul, Daun, Donghwi, Dongin, Hwalchan, Uiyeon, Baekgyeol traveled the world. Notably, in 2020, they were the first K-Pop group to hold a concert in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean country with a passion for K-Pop. Their travels, like the rest of their musical brethren, were put on pause during the pandemic. Although Donghwi was conspicuously absent due to his military service, GreatGuys made an epic comeback with this mini-album.

This release centers around the title track, “Blind Love,” which was co-written by Dongin. It morphs into an adventurous tale of hidden identities and perilous love in the compelling music video. As the music video begins in the falling light of day, the boys stand in different positions in and around a Sikorsky S-61 civilian helicopter parked on an airfield. All of them are dressed in black attire with gun holsters, ear pieces, military boots, and gloves. As Horyeong exits the chopper, he flags down the rest of the members positioned all over the tarmac. Some of them stand at attention by the chopper while others emerge from unmarked black vans.

A woman dressed in white, the color of purity and innocence, descends as her bodyguards vigilantly watch. Near the bottom of the screen, a caption explains that these young men are hiding their identities as vampires in order to protect the girls they love. Scenes of the members in a black-walled, Gothic room draped in glowing candelabras are spliced into the chopper scene, revealing the members’ true identities as vampires.

When the song begins to the sounds of synths and a snaptrack, the boys execute choreography with level work that takes advantage of their nickname as the “tallest idol” group. Intercut with the choreography and Gothic room are action cuts with the boys drawing guns, scaling walls, and guiding a scared-looking woman along an alley. As they perform these daring feats, they sing, “I risk everything, blind love.” No matter the danger, they will take it on. Over the action, their singing voices are full and fluid, showcasing their experience as performers as they take on R&B-like melodies.

GreatGuys 멋진녀석들 - BLIND LOVE Promotional shots DNA Entertainment 9
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As the scenes shift in and out of their vampiric identities, there are also cuts of the boys in burgundy and white suits, the most pointed splash of blood-like color in the entire video. This reflects their hidden identities as they take on adventure to protect their loves, a metaphor for their fans, GRACE. It also helps to share the message that it is never a waste to give up everything for the one you love unconditionally.

Following the cinematic title track is “Sweet Night,” a song that reminisces about enduring love over a wandering guitar line. Again, the members display their vocal dexterity with smooth melody lines and impassioned repeated notes. It is a matching denouement to the power of “Blind Love.” As they ask, “When can our night be sweet? / Will we be the brightest star?” the music falls silent. But this isn’t the end of the song. “I hope our night is a little sweet, too,” the members suddenly pray after the silence in a plaintive melody that morphs into a short anthem section. Only then, does the tune quietly come to a close with the clear notes of the opening guitar riff.

We’re Not Alone Final: Only You is a short, sweet release from GreatGuys that is a welcome comeback. Check it out on Spotify and follow them on social media to be sure that you don’t miss any updates.





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