Eric Nam and Sarah Barrios Release Heartfelt “Have We Met Before” Single

Falling in love at first sight is something that some people say only happens in movies. But in Eric Nam and Sarah Barrios’ newly released collaboration track, “Have We Met Before“, that feeling is expressed in a gentle song about two strangers at a coffee shop who share an immediate, powerful connection. 

The main characters of this impending love story do not know each other, yet they unknowingly share mutual feelings of familiarity and longing. The track feels as if it was made to be played during meet-cute moments in films. “I really wanted to capture the idea of two people being so meant for each other that in every lifetime, in every universe or alternate reality, they seem to always find one another and fall in love.” Sarah shared about the new release. “There’s something really beautiful about a love like that.” The singer-songwriter cowrote the song alongside TikTok influencer TikTok inflluener and musician Vaultboy

Photo of Eric Nam from Before We Begin show in Phoenix, AZ

Eric shared his enthusiasm to team up with Sarah once again after she co-wrote the Korean-American artist’s past single, “I Don’t Miss You,” which accumulated over 15 million streams on Spotify. For Eric, the song celebrates the joy of human connection during a time where it’s difficult to build those connections. “The beauty of the human experience is that we come across so many people in our lives, and every once in a while, we find someone who we connect with and understand in so many ways it’s uncanny.” said Eric. “In a time and age where it feels as if we come across so much unfortunate news, I hope this song leaves listeners optimistic about connecting with new people.”

Check out the music video for “Have We Met Before” and stream the single on Spotify below:

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