byebyesea Wants to Look Forward to Better Days in “She Knows The Future” Digital Release

After releasing their city-pop comfort song, “1g” earlier this year, Korean indie band byebyesea, is back with a new release!

She Knows The Future” taps into the real band sound that is perfect for a hot summer day. With blunt lyrics such as “You can’t die / That day won’t come / She knows the future, right?” and “You cant die / It’s getting clearer and clearer / She knows why, right?,” the song encourages listeners to not lose hope and that brighter days are soon to come.

Album artwork for Byebyesea's digital single, "She Knows The Future"
Cr. 코스믹뮤직랩

“Everyone is just going through a period of hopelessness and exhaustion. Our daily lives have long since collapsed, and our health is being threatened every day,” shared byebyesea’s vocalist Namu. ‘She Knows the Future’ is a song that contains a self-portrait of all of us who are going through this difficult time right now in a situation where we are enduring day by day with fear and desperation for the future. I pray that this earnest echo of ‘I’m not done yet’ with the feeling of hanging on the edge of a cliff is not just empty, and that our daily lives can be restored as soon as possible.”

The new release found support from many artists and creatives. The album’s recording was handled by the Dream Factory, an entertainment label founded by singer and producer Lee Seung-hwan. Acknowledging the difficulty for bands to hold live performances due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Dream Factory launched a project to support all recording-related duties of the album to support the Hongdae band. Through the agency’s state-of-the-art systems, byebyesea newest track boasted an authentic, band sound. 

The mixing and mastering of the album was supported by Jung Seung-Je, a musician and CEO of Music on The Cloud agency and who is also known to be a math instructor on the online tutoring site, ETOOS. Music on The Cloud has been silently supporting byebyesea since last year’s “Hi, Merry Christmas” release. The album jacket was also designed by illustrator Park Roy while the lyric video was created by Kary Sarrey.

Listen to the song on Spotify and check out the official lyric video, below!

About byebyesea

byebyesea is composed of bandmates Namu (Guitar, Vocal), Sunje Woo (Guitar), and Myungje Woo (Bass). The trio established their foundation in Hongdae’s indie rock scene before signing with Fluxus Music. The group officially debuted in 2009 where they incorporated electronic sounds to their lyrical, acoustic sets. For those who are not familiar with the group, you’ve probably heard of their 2009 breakout hit, “Star Shower (별빛이 내린다).” The song’s signature “shalalalala” is iconic and became a staple in Korea as a way to convey feelings of being star struck or in awe of a situation. To this day, the song’s iconic jingle is being used for TV programs, variety shows, and CFs. The band has also been featured on dramas such as Playful Kiss and I Am Legend.

Furthermore, Namu is also serving as the Music Director for Song of the Same Night, a film project that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. According to the project’s official description, Song of the Same Night will consist of six vignettes from five different countries: Korea, Hong Kong, US, Japan, and France. Each character and production team will bring their own sense of artist creativity to their stories while also bringing a sense of worldly togetherness during this unprecedented time. Each story will focus on one of the five senses.” Read more about the project here.

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