AleXa Embraces Girl Power Across Eras in ‘Girls Gone Vogue’ EP

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Between making her acting debut in Urban Myths, winning NBC’s American Song Contest,” and becoming the first female K-pop artist to present at the Billboard Music Awards, soloist AleXa has had a year full of accomplishments. Coming in hot after freshly completing her first-ever U.S. tour, AleXa has made a comeback with her new EP, Girls Gone Vogue, centered around the theme of female empowerment.

Back in Vogue,” the EP’s lead single, sees AleXa back in her A.I. universe traveling across dimensions. From an opulent cabaret star of bygone eras to a regal queen lounging in a luxurious chaise, to a Y2K pop star, the music video embodies femininity and its diverse forms. Garnering over 11 million views in just seven days since its release, the message seems to be resonating for fans (known as A.I. Troopers) around the world – the release is poised to be her biggest release since her 2019 debut single, “Bomb.”

The EP’s 5-song track lineup spans a wide variety of genres and showcases AleXa’s range and maturity as a performer. “Star,” the EP’s opener, features the iconic Moonbyul of MAMAMOO and offers listeners a soft, medium-tempo song that touches on the feelings of falling in love with someone and missing them while you’re away.

“Back in Vogue” then leads into “Endorphine,” a catchy classic dance-pop track about a night out with the girls and meeting a special someone along the way. Fans who attended AleXa’s 1st Meet & Live in U.S. tour this past fall were given a sneak peek at the then-unreleased tune. The infectious beat is courtesy of producer Im Sang-Hyuck, who has previously worked with K-Pop legends like Jeong Jinwoon of 2AM, 4Minute, and B.A.P.

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Black Out comes next on the tracklist, and its powerful, rock-inspired instrumentals will feel more familiar to A.I. Troopers. With lyrics like, “All eyes on me cuz you know I’m that girl,” and, “Never find a girl that’s better,” AleXa ensures that listeners know exactly who is boss.

Bringing the EP back full circle is the English-language song “Please Try Again,” a standout track composed as a gift from Thai singer-songwriter and actor Jeff Satur. Like “Endorphine,” AleXa performed “Please Try Again” while on tour. The melodic, pop-rock song deals with the complex feelings of a relationship that is falling apart. For AleXa, known for her explosive performances and heavy beats, the song is a welcome departure that shows her versatility as an artist and allows her smooth, low voice to truly shine.

All in all, Girls Gone Vogue displays AleXa’s continued journey as an idol and sets the stage for more genre exploration in the future. Be sure to stream the EP and follow AleXa across social media to see which K-pop stars will join her #GoneVogueChallenge next!

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