[GALLERY] Forestella Meets Fans at Los Angeles Fan Sign Event

Cr. Ericka P.

On January 22, Korean crossover quartet Forestella completed their first fan sign event in the United States! Forestella – consisting of members Doohoon, Hyungho, Minkyu, and Woorim – recently arrived in Southern California to kick off their first North America tour. The day prior on January 21, they held a sold-out concert in Temecula at the Pechanga Resort & Casino where they delivered stunning vocal and visual performances. From their original songs such as “UTOPIA” and “For Life” to beloved covers of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and “Colors of The Wind” from Pocahontas, the members wowed concertgoers with their powerful vocals and innate musical talents.

As a final send-off, before they embarked on the rest of their tour, Forestella and local music shop Music Plaza organized the in-person event on the first floor of the Koreatown Plaza, a popular indoor mall nestled in the city’s bustling Koreatown neighborhood. Before the group arrived, the Plaza was already brimming with activity as families completed their last-minute shopping in preparation for Seollal (Korea’s  Lunar New Year) taking place on the following day. When Forestella arrived and the fan-sign event began, curious onlookers, occupied the surrounding balcony railings on all the upper floors of the building. 

Despite being held in a public space, the actual fan sign was limited. The section in front of the stage was sectioned off for the 50 lucky fans who were randomly chosen after purchasing the group’s album on My Music Plaza’s website. While most fan sign events tend to rush fans, Forestella’s event was relatively prompt, efficient, and stress-free on all parties. Each fan was given ample time to hold small conversations with each member, pass along gifts, and even pose for photos taken by their supportive friends and family members who watched on the sidelines. 

Be sure to catch Forestella on their first North America tour and check out some exclusive events from their L.A. fan sign, below!

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