[EVENTS] LOONA to Hold ‘Premier Greeting [D&D]’ Fanmeeting and ‘ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &]’ Concert

LOONA, the music chart topping ambassadors of Korean culture overseas, are back to sweep their fans off their feet with a mini-album release and a double night event at the end of June.

The first night of their online live event begins on Sunday, June 27 at 4PM (KST) with the fanmeeting ‘이달의 소녀 Premier Greeting [D&D]‘, and is followed up on Monday, June 28 at 10PM (KST) by their concert ‘이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &].’

After almost two years, HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, ViVi, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye are ready to meet their global fans for their fanmeeting, ‘이달의 소녀 Premier Greeting [D&D]‘ on June 27. Fans can look forward to the growth since their last event in December 2019.

The girls are back with the new slogan of D&D (“Destiny&Discovery”). It follows the members on the journey in search of their destiny through their LOONAVERSE as they discover the answer to their fateful meeting with their fans, Orbits.

Following their first online concert last October, LOONA is ready to take the big stage again in
celebration of the release of their 4th mini-album [&] with a concert of the same title, ‘이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &]‘. Their 4th mini-album will be released hours before their concert showtime on June 28, giving fans double the excitement as they look forward to seeing LOONA live again.

In particular, this second online concert will be the first large stage that member HaSeul stands
on after her hiatus. With all 12 members together, the fans can look forward to a stage that
exceeds all expectations.

For this concert, LOONA continues their collaboration with MyMusicTaste, a technology forward platform that breaks the barriers set by the pandemic and brings fans and artists together to create a new way of connection.

Ticket Information

Tickets to ‘이달의 소녀 Premier Greeting [D&D]‘ and ‘이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &]‘ are now available for purchase on MyMusicTaste.com.

Since their pre-debut activities in 2016, LOONA has been making headlines for their original
concepts and elaborate storylines that intertwine with one another to become a complex
universe for fans to enjoy. After their official debut in August 2018, they’ve swept the charts with hits like “Hi High,” “Butterfly,” “So What,” and “Why Not?” – becoming the global emerging trend that has garnered attention both domestically and abroad, as seen in their entrances and ranking on international music charts like the Billboard 200 and iTunes.

LOONA has also accumulated countless achievements such as their 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards win for “Best Korean Act“; their 2019’s sweep of the Asia Artist Awards where they took home both the “Focus Award (Singer)“and the “STARNEWS Popularity Awards“; and their 2020 Golden Disc Awards win with their “2020 Next Generation Award.”

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