Do You Have a Question for Park Jungmin SS501?

Park Jung Min

With recent news of Park Jungmin (SS501) heading to UK on January 29th, we at kpopconcerts are asking you, the readers to send us in questions for the artist and who knows, you might be one of the lucky readers who will have you questions answered!

All questions are welcomed, so please send us anything you would like to know by commenting below this article.

Park Jungmin in the band S5S501, is having his solo concert tour in London , Paris , Dortmund and Moscow with the accompaniment from the amazing pianist Choi Soo Min. It is an event that you would not want to miss!

For more information please keep updated with kpopconcerts!

(All questions must be sent before December 22nd and must be made by commenting below on this article)

  1. Hello oppa. I just want to ask you how do you feel and what do you think when you sing SS501 songs alone without the others members?.
    We Triple S will wait for our five stars to be as one until forever.
    Love from Israel.

  2. Hallo Oppa …..

    I am Riam from Iraq but i live in the Netherlands.
    My Question is: Do you have any though about visiting an arab country ? Like Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates ?
    We the TripleS Arab made a gift for ss501 at their 8th Anniversary, we made a Bus, Do you’ve seen it ? The Bus dove in the areas of Seoul for a whole month.

    Here is the bus

    Do you’ve seen it ?


  3. Will you follow me on instagram and friend me on facebook?
    What do you think when you come on stage with SS501?

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