Crayon Pop, ‘First Solitary Concert’

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Crayon Pop held their very first concert.

In the afternoon of October 30th, Crayon Pop met fans in their first concert ‘PopCon in Seoul’. After performing their hit song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Saturday Night’, girls of Crayon Pop said hello to their fans one after another.

Gummi of Crayon Pop said, “It’s been a year and five months since our debut. I think your love helped us to come this far.” Wai said, “We tried hard to prepare this concert during our spare time between tight schedules. I was so worried that many won’t come to this free concert, but now I can give a sigh of relief.”

Soyul, a youngest member of Crayon Pop, said, “We jumped for over million times (a part of Bar Bar Bar performance). I mean, we received that much love from all of you.”

Last year, Crayon Pop debuted and they constantly wore unusual outfit and showed unique performances unlike other k-pop girl groups.

In order to give back fans’ love they received, the concert was held with free admission. It will be on-air on November 12th, for other fans to watch.

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