B.A.P Announces Two Day Solo Concert


Not even a full year has passed since B.A.P’s debut with “Warrior” and they are already having their own solo concert!

Their agency, TS Entertainment, recently released the concert’s promotional poster titled B.A.P Live on Earth Soul. The concert is set to take place in the Olympic Stadium’s Olympic Park on February 23rd and February 24th! The poster portrays B.A.P’s mascots, called Matokis, arriving on Earth from their U.F.O, signifying that the concert will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

Although no ticket info has been announced, the two day concert is predicted to be a huge success as the group will perform songs from their previous albums along with songs from their upcoming mini-album.

In other news, B.A.P is set to make a comeback with their newest single “Rain Sound” on January 15. Check out the teaser below!

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