[UPDATE] ‘The Moon that embraces the Sun’ Final Episodes Will Not Air This Week

Recently, kpopconcerts reported to you regarding the uncertain future of “The Moon that embraces the Sun“‘s finale since the director and head cinematographer joined the ongoing strike of MBC Labour Union against MBC bosses.

But it has now been confirmed the drama will have an ending but the final episodes will not be airing this week but next week. The production staff are working hard to finish the production on time for next week airing while taking into consideration the schedules of the actors and other crew members.

MBC officially announced that they will be airing the special episodes this week and the airing of this drama finales will take place next week.

According to some news source, Director Kim reportedly returned to the set temporarily on March 6 to film a key scene between the two main actors. The production crew reiterated that the director’s return was temporary and that he would leave the set after the scene was finished filming and participate in the labor union strikes as scheduled.

Key East, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, said Kim will continue to give his all for the drama’s production until March 8 as originally planned, but due to his other schedules it is impossible for Kim to return to the set after March 8. Han Ga In, on the other hand, has opened up her schedule for the production.

Let’s hope this drama can finish up nicely and can live up to the awesomeness that it delivered at the beginning and throughout the middle episodes!
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