It really is WOW.. “Fantastic Baby” (MV) !

The wait is finally over! Much anticipated third Music Video of Big Bang has finally been revealed!

The MV is about Big Bang members fighting against all odds and obstacles to express their passion for music. The MV starts with Big Bang members being imprisoned by anti-music soldiers who were wearing full armours, including face masks, and holding shields. The fierce leader, GD, was the one started this rebellion against the authority then ,one by one, the members were brought back to live. Ultimately, they managed to win against the soldiers and achieved their mission of bringing musics back to live. All the soldiers who were fighting against them started to dance with them in an underground club and finally no longer hiding away from who they are, by taking their face masks off. The MV ends with all the members sitting on the thrones, symbolizing their ruling of music industry!

Check out the MV below and let me know what you think.

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