BOA praises TVXQ’s Yunho Acting

[Spoiler] BoA Praises TVXQ Yunho's Acting in 'Yawang'

[Spoiler] BoA Praises TVXQ Yunho's Acting in 'Yawang'

TVXQ Yunho broke into tears after discovering the huge secret in the drama Yawang, BOA could not help but admire his brilliant acting.

On March 11, BoA tweeted, “Ohhhhh~~~ Jung Yunho!!! Brother~~~~your crying acting is lively~~~~ I was really taken aback~~~Dear Friend, continue to work hard, fighting ^^ Please support Yawang’s Yundolie a lot ^^.”

When the episode finishes airing, BoA said, “But…does that mean Yunho will not appear again…? What… TT”

On March 11. Yunho’s character, Baek Do Hoon discovers that the girl that he loves, Joo Da Hye (played by Soo Ae) threatened the family to accept her as daughter-in-law. Another surprise was his so called sister was actually his real mother. When he asks Joo Da Hye whether she really loved him, he mistakenly triggers a car bomb which was meant for someone else. He was present during the explosion and later was in serious condition creating spurs among viewers to wonder whether Yunho’s character will continue to be seen in the series.

With many dramatic events that happen to Baek Do Hoon’s, Yunho cried as he conveyed the sorrow his character was suffering which leads to many praise from viewers and BOA.

Yunho’s character life or death will be given away on March 12.

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