[INTERVIEW] Woosung on His New Single “Lazy” and Bringing His Vision to Life

Photo of singer-songwriter Woosung wearing a gold crown and sitting on a throne for the concept photo of his comeback single, "Lazy"
Cr. Woosung

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Woosung has been pursuing his dreams for years. At age 12, he began learning to play the electric guitar after being inspired by Angus Young, the main guitarist of world-renowned rock band, AC/DC. While in high school, he participated in the first season of the Korean talent competition show, K-Pop Star. Although just shy of making it into the Top 10, the experience fueled Woosung’s decision to pursue a career in music. A few years later, Woosung would be recruited to become the lead vocalist and electric guitarist for Windfall, an independent band that would eventually be signed to a label and renamed to the beloved soft-rock band, The Rose

In 2017, The Rose made their official debut with their song “Sorry.” Upon its release, the song began to spread swiftly on platforms such as Youtube and the band amassed a growing, passionate fan following. “If 2017 was the year of our beginning, 2018 will be a year of promoting and spreading our name,” Woosung confidently told us in a video interview just a few months after their debut. The Rose then embarked on their sold-out five-city European tour, Paint It Rose, that quickly expanded to a jammed-pack world tour, affirming the group’s global reach driven by the passionate fanbase called Black Roses. The Rose subsequently broke into the Top 10 of Billboard’s “Next Big Sound,” “World Digital Song Sales,” and “World Albums” charts with extended plays Dawn and Void, the latter of which also hit #1on the U.S. iTunes’ “K-Pop Albums” chart, solidifying the band’s dominance in being one of fastest rising acts to date.

While still serving as the frontman of the band, Woosung also pursued his solo endeavors. In 2019, Woosung made his solo debut with “Face” under his first EP Wolf. In 2020, he also lent his vocals in “You Make Me Back,” a track from one of the highest rated Korean dramas to date, Itaewon Class

This year, he launched his own independent label, Woolf Pack, and made his highly anticipated comeback with his digital single “Lazy” featuring Hi-Lite Records’ Reddy. Although a new release, the song was written by Woosung two years ago while on tour. With lyrics about the importance of having both productive and unproductive days, “Lazy” is the perfect anti-hustle culture anthem and comfort song to add to your playlists this summer. 

The Kpopconcerts team had a quick chat with Woosung to talk about “Lazy,” how he brought his vision to life, and more.

KPC: Congrats on the release of your new digital single, “LAZY”! On ‎’K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam’ you shared that you wrote the song two years ago. How are you feeling now that it’s released?

Woosung: I feel so relieved hahah.

KPC: You already had the music video concept in mind back then. How did you bring that vision to life and how was it learning choreography for the song?

Woosung: The video coming to life was the best feeling ever, I also had the rough choreography in mind so it wasn’t too hard learning it. However, dancing itself is a challenge to me so i guess it turned out better than I thought. 

KPC: You recently reached 1 million followers on Instagram and shortly afterwards you achieved 1 million views on your “Lazy” music video just a few days after its release, congrats! How does it feel to know your music resonates with so many people?

Woosung: Thank you, I truly feel blessed that there are people listening to the music I made.

KPC: You’ve written quite a number of songs. What’s your favorite part of the songwriting process?

Woosung: Sometimes just getting my emotions out.

KPC: You’ve said that songwriting is like writing a story and you get inspiration from books, movies, etc. What are some movies/books that have inspired you?

Woosung: A lot of Disney movies.

KPC: You’re releasing your music under your own label, WOOLF PACK. What vision and goals do you have for WOOLF PACK and yourself?

Woosung: My goals are making it something that can last.

KPC: You’ve lived in Canada, The Philippines, USA, and Korea. How did your global upbringing shape or influence you and your music?

Woosung: I think living in different places and moving around a lot has made me more independent. So even when I write music I try to do most of it on my own, except for with The Rose.  

KPC: What songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Woosung: Every single song from the movie Sing Street.

KPC: When are you the happiest?

Woosung: When I have purpose.

KPC: Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to Black Roses?

Woosung: Miss you :(

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Get to Know” graphic with Woosung coming out tomorrow on our Instagram! In the meantime, stream “Lazy” on Spotify and follow Woosung on his social media accounts below:

The KPC Team would like to thank Woosung and his team for this interview opportunity!

  1. Thank youuuu for this another great interview! Blackroses are so thankful. 🥀🖤

    Woosung, WE ROSE YOU! 🌹

  2. Thank youuuu for this another great interview?
    Blackroses are so thankful! 🖤🥀

    Woosung, WE ROSE YOU ALWAYS. 🌹

  3. I love all his music ! This song “Lazy ” I know how he feels , however on a good note if I ever in life remarried , I would so want him there to sing !!

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