[INTERVIEW] VERIVERY on Teamwork, Their Connection with Fans, and Upcoming US ‘GO ON’ Fanmeeting Tour

Ever since their debut in 2019, VERIVERY has captivated fans around the world and distinguished themselves in the K-Pop industry. The group has gained notoriety for exploring a wide array of genres, synchronization, and their creative freedom – self-producing their music, choreographing their own dances, and even directing a few of their music videos. Now, two years after their 2022 VERIVERY CONCERT PAGE: O, the multitalented group is set to return to the United States in June for the six-city leg of their 2024 VERIVERY GO ON Fanmeeting Tour.

Kpopconcerts.com had the opportunity to sit down with VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin at a virtual media roundtable to learn more about the tour and what they have prepared for VERRER, their fans, as they visit New York (June 14), Chicago (June 16), Minneapolis (June 18), Atlanta (June 20), Fort Worth (June 21), and Los Angeles (June 23).

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VERIVERY is typically a 7-member group, however, member Dongheon will be absent on the GO ON Tour due to military service while Hoyoung and Minchan are on health hiatuses. With the group notably halved for this tour, VERIVERY’s active four members were honest about the new challenges that this poses for their activities but noted that it is an opportunity to showcase their growth and versatility.

“While touring as a four-member group might lack the synergy we had as a seven-member group, we’re dedicated to maximizing our stage presence,” said Yongseung. “We’re proud of our efforts that we have put in to deliver a complete performance despite the smaller lineup, striving to meet the expectations of our fans and the audience [who are] eagerly anticipating this tour.”

“Personally, as two rappers of the group were not able to join us for the tour, there have been some difficulties in planning for their absence,” Kangmin added. But he noted that he and the four remaining members came to each other for advice and assistance as they prepared.


Gyehyeon echoed the collaborative aspect of preparations and revealed that their performance as a 5-piece group with Hoyoung at KCON LA last year served as practice and motivation to utilize a smaller lineup and prepare well for the GO ON Tour

Despite the challenges preparing for the tour, VERIVERY expressed their enthusiasm for the GO ON Fanmeeting Tour, eager to showcase their individual talents in addition to their charm as a group. Additionally, Yeonho explained that they wanted to acknowledge their full team in addition to their love for VERRER.

“The title of our fan-meet tour, GO ON, symbolizes VERIVERY’s continuous journey forward. It represents the seven-member VERIVERY as well as the four-member VERIVERY moving closer to our fans,” he said. 

Since the tour stops are a fanmeeting event instead of a traditional concert, VERRER can expect more interactive elements.

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“This time, even though it’s a fanmeeting, we plan to channel the energy and passion from our fans and deliver a performance filled with the same intensity as any of our concerts,” Yeonho explained. “We put a great deal of effort into preparing. While performances are a staple, we’ve added special elements.”

“As artists, we’re committed to delivering outstanding performances as a way of giving back,” Gyehyeon shared. “We hope that many will anticipate and enjoy our stages.”

In addition to being excited to share how VERIVERY has grown and what they’ve worked on, the group shared that they are thrilled to be meeting passionate American VERRER again.

“This time, even though it’s a fan meeting, we plan to channel the energy and passion from our fans and deliver a performance filled with the same intensity as any of our concerts,” said Yeonho.

“Their enthusiasm [during previous tours] left a lasting impression on us, and we’re eager to experience that energy once more,” Yongseung shared. 

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Yeonho reminisced on the inspiring effect that touring and meeting fans, especially after the COVID-19 shutdowns, has had on VERIVERY. “It marked a period of significant personal and group growth, with both myself and the group undergoing profound changes,” he explained.

“During a period of worry over our extended hiatus, a message that resonated deeply with us was, ‘I will always be by your side and I’ll always be your fan,’” Yongseung added. “This message came from an international fan, and the warmth and support it conveyed were incredibly impressive. It was more empowering than any other message we received during that time.”

As a final teaser before the end of the roundtable, Gyehyeon mentioned that VERRER can expect even more surprises on tour. “We like to create stages that are not only entertaining for the audience but also enjoyable for us. I’m excited for our fans to look forward to them.”

Be sure to catch VERIVERY on the 2024 VERIVERY GO ON Fanmeeting Tour! Fans can purchase General Admission, VIP, VVIP, and VVIP+ tickets here.

Thank you to VERIVERY and Helix Publicity for the interview opportunity!

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