[INTERVIEW] Min Opens Up About Her Broadway Debut, Her Hiatus, and Her Latest Digital Single

As an artist, and most especially as a person, Min is vibrant, intelligent, and the best kind of sassy. But it hasn’t always been easy. Like many in the industry, she was a trainee for a long time – roughly eight years. During that period, she trained in America, dealt with the daunting weight expectations from JYP, and wondered if the industry was right for her. When she finally debuted with former 2nd generation K-pop group Miss A, she journeyed through the heights of K-pop stardom before finally leaving the group. The 30-year-old took a quiet two-year hiatus for some needed repair and to reflect on herself as both an artist and as a person. In November 2021 the songstress with a penchant for fun made her long-awaited solo comeback with future pop track, “ONION.” A stark departure from her sexy girl crush persona as part of Miss A, Min’s solo debut was a slightly mischievous but bubblegum-cute outer shell that promised many more surprising layers of her beneath. On April 18, only five months after her debut, Warner Music Korea released Min’s latest digital single “Hit Me Up” that was produced and co-written by leanon and Xitsuh and featured JMIN from H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS. But Min isn’t stopping there. She is set for her Broadway debut with “KPOP, The Broadway Musical.” 

Kpopconcerts.com had the chance to catch up with the performer about her Broadway casting opportunity, her latest single, her career, and her creative journey.

Cr. Warner Music Korea

KPC: Congratulations on your latest single “Hit Me Up.” It’s fantastic to see your artistry explore so many different genres. What was your inspiration in diving into this groovy R&B sound for this dreamy track? 

Min: With my new single “Hit Me Up,” I wanted to provide an easier listening experience. I hoped that this could be an opportunity to help people become more familiar with my voice. It’s my first time doing the R&B genre by myself, so it was a fresh style for me as well.

“Hit Me Up” simply means “CALL ME.” It’s about a girl who’s waiting for a call from her crush, and the guy (JMIN in this case) feels the same way. So the love connects. Send this song to your crush, they might want the same thing!

KPC: What was it like working with such a diverse group of talent like JMIN, Xitsuh, and leanon on “Hit Me Up”?

Min: I was looking for a rapper for the featured part. And one of my friends working in the industry loved the song, and thought JMIN would be a perfect fit. So he introduced me to JMIN and he’s such a talented artist so it was a very fun experience working with JMIN. And also Xitsuh and leanon are such homies of mine so it was very exciting working with purely talented people. I feel very lucky to be working with them =)

KPC: Do you have any fun memories during “Hit Me Up” promotions that you can share? 

Min: Definitely when I pranked my fans with an Instagram post of me wearing a wedding ring.  I posted a bald selfie for April Fools. The responses were hilarious. We thought it would also be funny if we pranked my fans, not in an offensive way, and also to deliver the message of the upcoming single. Think it will be a special memory in my heart forever =)

KPC: Even though you’ve been in the industry a long time, your work is always fresh and creative. What drives your creativity in your composition, singing, and other work?

Min: It’s sometimes overwhelming to keep up my creativity sometimes but it’s always fun and keeps me alive. My passion for singing and dancing will be forever with me and it will always be my life. 

Min from Miss A Promoting new single Hit Me Up with JMIN
Cr. Warner Music Korea

KPC: With such a powerful background as part of K-pop’s strongest girl groups, Miss A, what has the journey been like to define yourself as a solo artist?  

Min: I’ve been in the industry since I was 11. I spent my whole teenage years becoming an idol, and gave my everything to become who I became. And those times were not easy for me, being away from my family, friends, and my country [Korea]. I’ve been through ups and downs to debut with Miss A. After seven years of amazing experience as a successful idol group, I needed time off to repair myself and reflect on myself as well. Not only as an artist, but as a human being. After Miss A, I shut off all my social media for two years. And for the remaining two years, I focused on healing myself by traveling with friends, spending time with family, exercising, and so on. I think work is a big part of me, but is very important to keep myself mentally and physically healthy. 

KPC: You’ve always had such strong collaborations with other artists, from your 2010 collab with San E on “Tasty San” to this year’s “Hit Me Up.” What inspires your collaborations and what do you learn from them? 

Min: Everyone has something that I can learn from and I am so grateful to be part of their collab. I want to keep on doing what I’m doing. I feel very blessed. 

KPC: You have issued the #hitmeupchallenge and have gotten so many fun covers. Which has been a standout to you?  

Min: Honestly… I can’t pick one… because every cover has its own uniqueness. I love all the covers. Even if they are not good at dancing, it’s so heartwarming to see people joining the challenge and I see in their eyes that they are enjoying it =) Watch out for more! And keep ’em coming! 

KPC: You will be making your Broadway debut in “KPOP, The Broadway Musical” with other K-pop industry veterans. Your career has brought you from East to West and back again. How does it feel to be making such a huge step onto one of the world’s biggest stages? 

Min: I am very delighted and honored to step on the global stage of Broadway, especially because I will be portraying my own story of making my career as a K-pop artist. 

I’m also thrilled to introduce the unique culture of South Korea to the audience in NY and throughout the world. I will give my best to make my country [Korea] proud, and make sure the general public is impressed by the performance. 

KPC: How did you land a role in “KPOP, The Broadway Musical”?

Min: I received the casting message through an Instagram DM. It seemed like a very good opportunity, so I happily took the offer. I was in NY for two months early this year, for workshops and rehearsals. I was happy to see Kevin [of U-KISS] there, since we were friends for a long time. And I got to meet everybody, including Luna [of f(x)] and Bohyung [formerly of SPICA]. They were the best group of people you could ask for. I can’t wait to get on stage and perform together. It will be a fun experience. 

KPC: What surprised you the most about preparing for Broadway?

Min: I do have some experiences in musicals so it was not anything so different from Korea and that was the most surprising part. Haha! Everyone put all of their effort and heart into it and I love every minute of it! 

KPC: We watched your interview with friend and singer eSNa and we have to ask this

question: what’s your favorite new drink that you’ve tried in 2022?  

Min: 2022… I do not think I have tried anything new this year.. Any recommendations? Send me a DM =) 

KPC: Do you have anything to say to your international fans on KPC?

Min: KPC fans!! Hi!!! You guys are the reason why I can keep on doing what I love. I truly appreciate your support, and I will give my all to provide you with great songs and performances. Thank you so much, and I love you!!!!

Check out Min’s latest digital single “Hit Me Up” below on all available platforms.

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