[RECAP] you.will.knovv North American Tour Captivates D.C. Fans

Cr. Sarah P.

In late 2023, KOHAI announced the much-anticipated you.will.knovv North America Tour. Set for early 2024, the tour brought Rad Museum, Tabber, and miso from the music collective you.will.knovv to North America for the first time. The tour kicked off in Toronto with subsequent stops planned across major cities like New York, Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. On January 26, the group visited Washington D.C.’s Union Stage where fans braved the chilly weather and lined up hours before to see and meet their favorite Korean R&B artists.

Kicking off the evening, miso appeared behind a lone microphone stand amidst moody background lighting as loud cheers from the crowd welcomed her to the stage. With her laid-back hip-hop style, she proceeded to perform songs from her discography such as her 2023 single “Where Did I Go,” “Alone,” and “Take Me.” Intense strobing lights accentuated the chorus during many of her tracks, while dark red, purple, and orange lights blanketed the stage, adding to the ethereal vibe of her set.

miso’s sensual aura and dreamy vocals hypnotized the crowd throughout the evening and the energy in the room rose with each song. Reaching her final track, she asked, “If you know this song, please sing along! We’ll be back with new music soon!” By the end of her performance, she had the whole venue jumping and saying “Hey!” as she conducted an entertaining call-and-response session with each side of the room. She then thanked the crowd for their support before quietly departing.

Wasting no time, Tabber made an explosive arrival on the stage, effortlessly delivering his rap verses while greeting fans at each side of the venue. The crowd quickly matched his enthusiasm, jumping and shouting every word. With boundless energy, he performed popular tracks like his 2022 single “007,” “Electric Animal,” and earlier hits like “Look At My,” “Honey!,and “Devil May Cry” from his EP, Deep End Mixtape. He surprised fans by repeatedly climbing on the barricade throughout the night, creating an up close and personal experience for fans while encouraging them to raise their hands and wave them during his songs. 


In the latter half of his performance, Tabber requested everyone light up the room with their phones. “I need more lights!” he repeated until he was satisfied with the sea of glittery stars in front of him. “I have one more song left – thank you so much for coming!” He continued to collect small gifts and read fan signs before expressing his gratitude and wrapping up his set.

Rounding out the evening, Rad Museum immediately launched into “WHPH” the moment his feet hit the stage, eliciting cheers of excitement from the hyped crowd over the final performance. He seamlessly moved through many fan favorites – such as the iconic “Dancing In The Rain,” “SOME GIRL,” and “CALL ME BACK” from his latest album, GIRL – all while engaging the crowd with various hand gestures and energetic movements throughout his performance.

Pausing briefly he asked the audience, “What’s your favorite song from my albums?” Fans shouted out different song names as he repeated them into the microphone in agreement. Finally, he settled on a suggestion – “‘Off-Line’?” he asked a few times to confirm as the audience began giggling at his antics. “Okay, let’s go!” Colorful lighting accompanied the melodic tune and midway through Rad Museum initiated an audience call-and-response for the chorus, hyping up the crowd even more as he completed his set. 

After a brief moment in darkness, fans began chanting chanting, “One more song!” After a minute, a mysterious voice through the speakers responded, “One more? One more?! ONE MORE!” Confusion turned into screaming as Rad Museum and Tabber once again appeared on the stage to perform “ROCKSTAR” for the encore. The duo engaged the crowd, greeting fans and taking turns singing different parts of the track. The crowd went wild towards the end, reaching out for high-fives as Tabber passed by to thank them all before he departed the stage. miso reappeared to join Rad Museum for a second encore song and once again the audience went crazy upon her arrival. She smoothly sang through the beginning of “Fallin” while Tabber returned to sit on the edge of the stage and interact with fans as the song continued. The crowd joined in singing the chorus, creating a beautiful harmony with both Rad Museum and miso as they finished the encore.

Closing out an energetic evening of good vibes and great music, the trio requested to take a group photo with the D.C. crowd before spending a few minutes receiving gifts, signing merch, and taking selfies with their enthusiastic fans across the barrier. 

The highly anticipated and well-attended 2024 you.will.knovv tour was a captivatingly fun treat for the D.C. crowd. Fans eagerly anticipate the promised new music and look forward to their swift return. Rad Museum, Tabber, and miso will continue through a few more North American cities before they take their dynamic performance overseas.  


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