[RECAP] VAV Celebrates the New Year at ‘Subcönscióus’ Show in Jersey City

Cr. Angela L.

On January 5, VAV made their grand return to the States at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. This stop kicked off their 2024 US Tour: Subcönscióus presented by Studio PAV.

After a long hiatus and with members completing their military service, VAV began working on an album together. The release of their 7th EP Subcönscióus came as delightful news for Vampz (their fandom name) as they welcomed the group’s return. VAV followed up with a Europe tour before making their way over to America.

The new year was off to an exciting start as members St. Van, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu graced the stage clad in fully black outfits. The group launched right into their latest hit “Designer” followed by “119” and “Poison.” Their impressive vocals paired with sexy choreography set the overall mood for the night as the audience watched with anticipation. 

Following their opening stages, the members expressed their eagerness to see their overseas Vampz after a long while. St. Van spoke about how he has patiently waited for this tour and specially bulked up in the process, revealing his toned biceps. While on the topic of tour preparation, Jacob showed off his washboard abs, eliciting more screams. The members then mentioned how they prepared special performances for this show and encouraged everyone to sing along.

Their next songs were the Latin-inspired tracks “Señorita” and “Give Me More (Un Poco Mas)” which got the crowd swaying along to the groovy melodies. As a special treat, VAV performed covers of popular pop songs which included Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” and Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” With every passing minute, the members delivered a spectacle worth seeing.

As with their previous tours, VAV brought back their “Tell me your wish” game segment where they invited lucky Vampz on stage and gave them an experience they’ll never forget. The members took selfies and group photos. Lou proceeded to serenade a fan while holding her hand. Ayno cheekily gave a fan a back hug while Jacob showed off his aegyo in a cute Pikachu hat. One hilarious moment was when a tall male fan carried Ziu bridal style which sent the crowd into a wild frenzy. It was evident that VAV captivated everyone in the room with their charms and in return, Ayno expressed how happy he was to see fans up close.

After that fun segment, VAV kept the energy flowing as they sang a snippet of the alphabet song, leading up to the performance of “ABC (Middle of the Night).” They transitioned to “She’s Mine” which turned out to be a fan favorite as stated by Lou, “During the fan chat a lot of you guys said ‘She’s Mine’ was your favorite VAV song.” Hearing “Moto” live surprised many as they hadn’t performed the song in quite a while.

Although Christmas was over, the group came back out for the encore with the festive song “So In Love.” During their ending ment, the members spoke about how grateful they were to be back and thanked everyone for attending. VAV closed out their set with “Into You” and “Touch You” as numerous Vampz rhythmically waved their lightsticks. Being no strangers to fan service, Ace and Lou tossed their shirts into the crowd before they all exited the stage.

It’s refreshing to see VAV back on tour after their hiatus. With the New Jersey stop ending on a high note, the group will be meeting more Vampz across several cities in the U.S. Be sure to attend any of their shows to witness their irresistible charms and talent in person!


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