[RECAP] TWICE Makes History at Stunning Sold-Out Sofi Stadium Concert

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On June 10, TWICE made history as the first female group to perform and sell out the famed Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. Thousands of fans, called ONCE, flocked to Hollywood Park grounds to attend the first concert on the North American leg of TWICE’s monumental 5th World Tour ‘READY TO BE.’ Filled with show-stopping stages, charismatic solo performances, and playful crowd interactions, the concert was a night to remember and captivated the audience from start to finish.

The stadium came alive as Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu opened with the live debut of the English version of “Set Me Free,” followed by “I Can’t Stop Me.” The explosive performances pulled ONCEs to their feet as they embraced the feel-good vibes and lost themselves in the music. According to Dahyun, the title symbolized TWICE’s eagerness to show their true, authentic selves and showcase who they are to the world. “We are ready to show you who we are just as we are. As time goes by, we became more comfortable and [became more] natural as TWICE. [With] your encouragement and love, you made us super confident!”

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In turn, TWICE also empowers ONCEs to unapologetically be themselves. As the show progressed with “More & More,” “Moonlight Sunrise,” and “Brave,” attendees could be seen on their feet, belting the lyrics, and executing several of the iconic dance moves all while remaining rooted in front of their seats.

Carrying the tour’s message, the members challenged themselves through diverse solo stages that highlighted each member’s distinct style and taste. Dahyun stepped up first with an enchanting piano performance that began with a brief homage to “Let it Go” from Frozen before segueing into “Try” by Colbie Caillat. She shared that the song boasted a beautiful melody and lyrics about self-acceptance and self-love that she wanted to convey to ONCEs. Tzuyu followed suit and showed off her onstage charisma and dance skills to “Done for Me” by Charlie Puth. Lying on the floor looking up at an aerial camera, Sana radiated confidence through the screens as she got up, danced, and strutted down the catwalk to “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. Momo, who has been praised by famed choreographer Lia Kim for her dancing abilities, wowed the crowd with her powerful hip-hop and pole dance routine to “Move” by Beyoncé. Wrapping up the first half of solo stages, Mina made it rain with her charismatic performance to “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande.

After the first set of solo stages, a VCR playing a stripped-down version of “Feel Special” pacified the crowd while TWICE prepped for their following stages. The sentimental track speaks volumes — the lyrics capture the group’s resilience to face adversity head-on together. Accompanied by a live band, TWICE returned to the stage and immediately jumped into the song. The weight of the song’s lyrics was amplified by a stunning solo acapella performance by Jihyo. She left a lasting impression on the audience, belting out the lyrics, “You make me feel special / No matter how the world brings me down / Even when hurtful words stab me / I smile again ‘cause you’re there.” After performing “Cry For Me,” the members performed a rock-heavy dance break that segued into the addictive earworms, “Fancy” and “The Feels.” By the end of the set, concertgoers were cheering hard and panting from dancing along to the songs from start to finish. 

After the group performances, Chaeyoung continued the solo stages with her original track, “My Guitar.” Perched on a stool and armed with just a microphone and her guitar, she soothed the crowd with the acoustic vibes and her soft vocals. Jihyo then blew the audience out of the water with her unreleased song, “Nightmare,” which perfectly suited her powerful vocals and rich tone. She announced that a person who helped work on the song was in attendance, and she couldn’t wait for fans to hear the upcoming new music on her forthcoming solo debut album slated for August. Jeongyeon then made her grand entrance with a happy-go-lucky performance of “Juice” by Lizzo. Donning a white L.A. bucket hat, bright pink wig, and a matching all-pink outfit, she had a ball onstage and grooved to the funky beat. Mid-song, she stopped to pull out a recorder (an homage to Lizzo’s own Sasha Flute) and briefly played Lady Gaga’s viral “Bloody Mary” from the Wednesday soundtrack. Last but not least, Nayeon closed out the solo stages with her debut solo song, “Pop!” Infectiously sweet and energetic, the song enticed the audience to dance along to the viral choreographed routine. A confetti explosion pulled cheers and applause from the audience as the solo stages came to a beautiful end.

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With so many chart-topping hits and so little time, not every title track could be performed in its entirety. As a result, TWICE performed a medley of their hit title tracks: “YES or YES,” “What is Love?” “CHEER UP,” “LIKEY,” “KNOCK KNOCK,” and “SCIENTIST.” From the floor to the farthest seat in the stadium, the venue was set ablaze by the roars of fanchants and sights of lightsticks waving frantically in the air as fans danced along to the songs. Figurative glasses were raised as TWICE charmed the crowd with an acoustic rendition of “Alcohol-Free” followed by “Dance The Night Away” and “Talk That Talk.

As the night drew to a close, the encore stage brought another piece of the members to the stage. During “When We Were Kids,” the screen displayed each of them on the screen next to their childhood photos. The ballad was laced with nostalgia as they reminisced on their early days before the fame. In a sweet turn of events, ONCE surprised TWICE with a special montage video of the members’ early beginnings, accolades, and cherished memories with their fans. The video also contained a collage of childhood photos and heartwarming messages from ONCEs. Afterward, fans raised their fan banners in the air that read, “After all this time, TWICE and ONCE are still together.” The bond that TWICE and ONCE share truly speaks to how music can transcend any language barrier.

The sentiment proved true as the members spun the encore roulette wheel and closed out the momentous night with “Doughnut,” “Basics,” and “Signal.” The crowd’s feral screams for “Doughnut” caught the members completely off guard. It was the first time the Japanese ballad was performed outside of Japan, and ONCEs made sure their gratitude was heard loud and clear. Amidst the final farewells, TWICE walked around the stage and interacted with as many ONCEs as possible. An energetic dance battle even ensued between some of the members and an enthusiastic fan.

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TWICE’s historic Sofi Stadium concert was a production built on the confidence, trust, and love that the members have forged over the years. From their showstopping iconic hits to their stunning solo performances, each member shined onstage with every note sung, choreography executed, and heartfelt interaction shared with ONCE. The show may have ended, but everyone left the stadium with excitement and anticipation of the group’s future endeavors.

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