[RECAP] GOT7 Got Ahgases Spinning at Forum

Swaying Ahgabombs, the official GOT7 lightsticks, dotted The Forum grounds along with neon green accessories just before a gender, race, and age diverse crowd gathered in brightly accentuated outfits to see the septet on their ‘Keep Spinning’ World Tour. This marked the second time that GOT7’s Jackson, Yugyeom, JB, Youngjae, BamBam, Mark, and Jinyoung graced The Forum with their alluring performance. 

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As the EDM remixes of the JYP group’s songs blared throughout the venue, the bright lights on stage flashed, marking the beginning of the introductory VCR. The short film showed an isolated, lingering, and dramatic shot of each member illuminating their once blissful emotions  turned dark. The solo shots switched to those of an imminent eclipse, lightning clouds, and of course, a spinning top as the curtain lifted revealing the seven members sitting on stairs. “Eclipse,” the title track of GOT7’s latest EP, “SPINNING TOP : BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY.” “OUT” followed and the group showed their signature huddle. “Never Ever” engendered the strongest fanchant in the first half of the show featuring a slow, remixed breakdown accompanying the “FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL” title track. 

The first ment contained charismatic member introductions. BamBam, Mark, and Jackson acted as the English hosts throughout the concert. BamBam, arguably the most charismatic during the concert, wooed the attendees asking “Where my ladies at?!…and guys,” generating high-pitched screams and very few low exclamations from the male fans. They segued into their next track, “Skyway,” and then solos starting with “Ride,” performed by GOT7’s leader, JB. The main vocalist, Youngjae performed “Gravity,” and much to Ahgases pleasure, he closely embraced his fellow male dancers during the stage. The rap line, or AmeriThaiKong line, made up of Mark, BamBam, and Jackson, seduced the crowd with an anthemic intro to “God Has Returned” and “Mañana” on the extended stage. Yugyeom and Jinyoung took over with a unit dance, and body rolls accompanied a bass heavy “Stop It, Stop It” remix. 

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The septet discussed random topics during the next ment: leader JB wanted to ride on a bike and wondered if any fans would like to ride with him. Youngjae told Ahgases that they are gravity keeping him in place. Jinyoung is the hidden card best member. BamBam, Mark, and Jackson advised fans to forget about the hate and to remember that tomorrow will be better even if today is unfavorable. “1 Degree,” written by maknae Yugyeom, began on the main stage stairs, moved to the extended stage and flowed into “Sign.” 

GOT7’s fan service was impeccable JB always knelt down to sing to fans or went into the crowd to speak with fans while the other members threw shirts into the sea of people or sat on the ledge chatting with them. They continued with “I Am Me.” A second striking VCR that took place in a tunnel showed more ISOs of each member, and “Time Out” started the second half where the group donned white, light-washed outfits. The performance of “Just Right” produced the largest hype, which led into a JB production in “Paradise,” later likening their fans to an oasis of refuge. GOT7 explained how they started the concert in darker clothes which symbolized their insecurity, and now that they changed into white clothes, they have found the light with the help of Ahgases. 

In addition to visiting Santa Monica’s beach, eating In N’ Out, and filming, the male group also experienced the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, one of many to hit the Southern California area in just a matter of days, and their reactions caused Ahgases to laugh as majority of the members likely had never experienced one before. Jackson recorded a song called “Paint,” and through their second ment, it became clear to everyone that GOT7 are a comical group. 

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Of course, the concert was not complete without a rendition of “The Woah” dance move. “Thank You” addressed the iGOT7’s, which is the formal name of the GOT7 fandom, around the world showing gratitude for the love the group constantly receives. “Save You,” and “Teenager(Remix)” emanated a boyfriend vibe as the group fashioned denim jackets followed by “Page,” another JB production. Although the crowd knew it not to be true, the members stated the following stage would be the last, leading with title tracks from two of their 2018 album releases in “Look,” and “Lullaby.” “Hard Carry” blasted the crowd as the intense drops of the song brought an energy that rose until the end of the show. The final VCR showed the JYP Entertainment group at a house enjoying time together, playing a punishment game, cooking dinner, and discussing their future tour. When the members arrived back on stage, they crooned their holiday title track “Miracle.” 

During the last ment, JB expressed his emotions about the time spent so far. Amidst rumors and hate spread throughout the K-Pop community in the recent months, BamBam offered encouraging words stating that life is too short to hate, and he reminded the crowd that idols, too, are still human. The lead rapper continued with a powerful notion that showing love is necessary, for it’s the strongest power in the world as everyone wants to be loved. The Ahgases turned the crowd into a green ocean full of Ahgabombs as the group posed to take a picture with the entire venue. They then followed with the fast-paced “Fly” receiving fan gifts and using water bottles to spray the floor crowd. “Go Higher” and “Come On” played when they started throwing shirts to fans followed by “Shopping Mall” and lastly, “Before the Full Moon Rises.”

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During the final ment, BamBam offered more sage advice relaying that it’s difficult to control one’s emotions and mind, and he urged fans to do the best they can do now and live without regrets. Seeing genuine, relatable life lessons offered to the diverse group of fans inside the Forum made it clear why iGOT7’s continue to support the group through thick and thin.

Written by: Emily H.

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