[RECAP] BLITZERS Connect with BLEE in Vienna

Cr. Nori G.

WUZO Entertainment’s rookie group BLITZERS is conquering the world this year. Following their debut and their successful U.S. tour, GO_U, Lutan, Jinhwa, Sya, Juhan, Chris and Wooju headed to Europe to meet their devoted European BLEEs for the first time. Fans had been waiting for the septet to make their way to Europe and they made sure to let the group know – selling out venue after venue all over the continent. 

October 18 saw the group arrive in Vienna after traveling through the continent and performing in Milan, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, and Prague. Though the concert only started at 8PM, fans had been waiting at the concert venue, Szene, since early afternoon, listening to music and organizing fan projects such as holding up a special banner and neon sticks to support the group.  

Cr. Nori G.

Soon after the venue had been filled with BLEEs, lights went out and immediate screams welcomed the group onstage. The septet kicked off the show with “K-Pop, an addictive track from their 2021 EP SEAT-BELT. In beautiful satin tops and dress pants, BLITZERS executed razor-sharp choreography that earned loud cheers from BLEEs. During the group introductions, the members had a chance to catch their breath while basking in the crowd’s enthusiastic cheering. The sounds were so loud and boisterous that both the host and the boys teasingly shushed the crowd. Although the group had not visited the city or the country before, they mentioned that they had a few places on their bucket list such as Lutan’s mention of the Schönbrunn Palace.  

Sliding smoothly into the next segment, “Blitz” brought out an old-school hip-hop sound showcasing the group’s diversity and compelling energy. “BOBBIN” kept the intensity high with its rock-centric bass matched with a powerful performance to match.

Cr. Nori G.

With barely a breather, the group dove into their first game of the night — a relay game with fans. It’s not every day that a fan gets to go onstage to see their idols up close, but BLITZERS made sure to include their BLEEs by bringing up the lucky few raffle winners selected before the show. Each fan was paired with a member, with Chris hosting each round. To everyone’s amusement, someone’s father ended up on stage with two other fans. After taking turns throwing ping pong balls into a basket and jumping rope with members, one lucky BLEE got to walk away with a signed album while the others were also congratulated and thanked for their participation. The members jokingly acted shocked reacting to the scene after adding that they have not had a show where they brought someone’s father up onto the stage but maybe that was the secret behind how the time record of the entire tour was broken. 

Hop-in” and “Will Make A Mistake” once again amped up the audience before they sang“Gradation, a song off of BLITZERS’ most recent EP WIN-DOW. In another surprise, the group revealed that they had been watching covers of their single “Hit The Bass” and that they would like someone to come up and do the TikTok challenge with them. Another lucky fan was called and executed the tricky choreography with Chris and Lutan. Originally expressing some concern about how she thought she would not be able to keep up with the members, the BLEE did more than perfectly earning a big round of cheers from the members before leaving the stage. 

After a quick breather, the group was right onto the next set of songs. During “Slide,” the boys bounded around every inch of the stage before slowing it down with “Raindrop.  A sea of flash and neon sticks moved along with the members as they sang about how they will be by BLEEs’ side no matter what. Amongst the many surprises of the night was a joint special stage between Chris and Lutan where the duo covered NCT’s “2 Baddies, Blackpink’s “Shut Down, and finished it off with PSY and Suga’s “That That. Fans sang along with every word as the two members confidently marched through their seniors’ songs.

While BLITZERS changed backstage, the host asked fans to recommend things for the members to see or try while in Austria. They wondered whether or not the septet got to try Sacher Torte, a chocolate cake with jam, or if they got to visit Prater, Vienna’s amusement park. Upon asking around more, some fans even sent messages to the members thanking them for their efforts and music while one person got to pass along their drawing of the boys.

Cr. Nori G.

Not letting another moment pass by, BLITZERS reappeared in new attire. Now clad in black and white outfits, the septet once again took the stage. Before jumping into the next song, a few lucky BLEEs got the opportunity to play another game onstage. This one included the members dancing to known choreographies while the fans try to guess the artist and the title. Although it was supposed to only involve the fan onstage guessing, it quickly evolved into the rest of the venue shouting in help to name songs such as BTS“Dope, Brave Girls’ “Rollin,” and Nayeon’s “POP!” Of the three lucky fans who got to be up on the stage, one BLEE walked away with a signed T-shirt while the others received a round of applause from the members. 

Jokingly asking whether the audience even needed them to perform anymore or if they should just leave the stage for fans to complete the set, the group got into position to continue. “HAPOOM” brought a laid-back energy with which the members freely interacted with the audience. The most heated stage followed, full of the high-intensity performance that BLITZERS are known for with “Hit The Bass.” Before closing the concert, “Drawing Paper” filled the concert hall with impressive vocals highlighting the members’ skills while comforting the audience with the sincere lyrics that reflected their journey so far. 

Cr. Nori G.

Answering the passionate calls of fans for more songs, the septet took the stage to serenade fans with the first encore song “Forever in My Heart.” While singing, the members roamed all over the stage, greeting everyone, taking photos and videos, and even posing for a fan’s polaroid camera. The cute interactions and fanservice then led Go_U, Sya, Lutan, Juhan, Jinhwa, Chris, and Wooju to share their sincere gratitude for their fans, the concert, and the tour. Each of them had the chance to express their feelings about the stop in Vienna and they reassured fans that they will be back as soon as possible. 

Cr. Nori G.

After taking a photo to commemorate the evening, the group’s beloved debut track closed out the concert – “Breathe Again” was met with great energy from fans ready to cheer the group on one last time. The mood was at an all-time high while BLITZERS sang about throwing away one’s worries and making sure to take a breath and stay calm. Although no one wanted the group to leave, the set had finished with an incredible performance. After many goodbyes and promises to return, the members said bye for the last time and, just like that, the night had come to an end.

Although this might have been the first time the K-Pop group had met their European fans – it certainly was not the last as fans eagerly await their return. BLITZERs have since gone on to successfully finish their European tour with two more stops in Munich and Frankfurt and are back in Korea to continue looking for BLEE around the world.


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  1. The crowd in Vienna was different! We were so hyped and soooooo many like the venue was stuffed! I’m actually so proud of us Austrian kpop Stans, we were able to show how much we loved them and how we don’t want them to leave. I really hope they come back and keep their promise!!!!!

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