[RECAP] DJ HYO Springs Into Denver With 2024 Cherry Blossom Tour

On April 14th, Girl’s Generation member Hyoyeon, or DJ HYO, made her much-anticipated appearance at Denver’s nightclub, Temple, on her second-to-last stop of her Cherry Blossom: 2024 Spring USA Tour. K-Pop fans and ravers came together to witness HYO in person and to celebrate a night of electronic bliss. The night was filled with captivating light shows, hypnotic beats, and overflowing energy from fans.

Cr. Dakota S.

After eleven years in the famous S.M. Entertainment’s K-Pop girl group, SNSD (Girl’s Generation), Hyoyeon also stepped foot into DJing. While continuing her career with the group and as a soloist, S.M. announced in 2018 that Hyoyeon would debut as DJ HYO and released her first DJ single, “Sober,” on April 18th, 2018. She released her first mini EP, DEEP, in 2022, diving further into the EDM scene.

Gaining further ground as a soloist and EDM artist, it’s no surprise that fans were eager to catch DJ HYO on tour. Restless with excitement as heavy bass reverberated through the venue, fans stirred with anticipation. Dazzling light displays flooded the stage with vibrant colors that illuminated DJ HYO as she emerged from the shadows and took the stage. The crowd exploded with cheers and applause as she stepped up to the DJ deck, welcoming them with a big smile. Her presence commanded attention from every nook and cranny of the muli-level nightclub, and she instantly fired up the venue as she asked, “Are you ready to party with me!?” She captivated the audience with the first beat from her sound deck.

DJ HYO treated her fans to electrifying mixes of her singles like her upbeat and catchy “DESSERT” and “DEEP,” and her more lyrical singles “Picture” and “Sober,” uniquely mixed into nightclub beats perfect for both K-Pop fans and EDM lovers. She demonstrated her mastery of DJing, effortlessly manipulating the music to create an immersive experience accompanied by strobing lights. Each song flowed into the next with pairing beats and rhythms to create a fluid transition between songs. It was difficult to tell when a song ended or began until the new song pulsed through the venue. She also delighted fans with her freestyle mixes, skillfully blending popular songs across the music spectrum with the lyrics from hits like Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music laid over trap beats with booming baselines and intense energy. Other popular house music tracks like David Guetta’s remix of Shouse’s “Love Tonight” were slowly mixed into the iconic 80s synth-pop beat of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” by Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, & Dave Stewart that sent the crowd into a frenzy when the two songs collided into an electric masterpiece. 

With each track, HYO took the crowd on a journey of sonic exploration, seamlessly blending genres and tempos to create a collage of vibrant and energizing sounds. Her musical talent and mixing skills kept energy levels high. At the same time, her attention to the crowd’s mood ensured that every moment felt magical, from hefty basslines to catchy trap beats, each track built off the last, transforming the crowd into a pulsating entity.  DJ HYO skillfully waded through peaks and valleys of intensity, building tension and release with her musical precision. Fans danced and cheered for her from the dance floor below throughout the night. DJ HYO’s performance left Denver with resonating energy on the nightclub scene as fans are hopeful and eager for her to return. 


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