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June 17, 2013


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Written by: Monni

HeyneHeyne (혜이니) is South Korean dance music singer.


* Birth date: June 3, 1992
* Birth name: Kim Hye-in (김혜인)
* Record label: LOEN Entertainment
* Entertainment company: Crescendo Music
* Height: 158 cm
* Weight: 36 kg
* Blood type: B
* Official homepage: http://www.heyne.co.kr



* 달라, June 14, 2013 (digital single)

About the Author

Freelance journalist. My mother is Finnish and my father's family is from former Baltic countries Livonia and Courland.


  1. ashley

    She’s not from LOEN.

    • Her record label officially is LOEN Entertainment (aka Loen Tree), even though her “entertainment company” is Crescendo Music. There is still quite a few details missing, but those will be added when I get verification from official sources.

  2. Ciera

    omg i have the same birthday as herrr!! :OOO xD

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