AA(Double A)’s Joowon leaves goodbye letter for fans



As reported last night, AA(DoubleA) member Joowon will be leaving the group  to pursue an actor career.

After the sudden announcement last night, W were devastated and confused. The ex-member known for his high tone vocal abilities and model looks posted letter on AA’s official Fan Cafe for fans. It read:

[quote]Hello W, this is Double A’s Juwon.
Have you been well? I’ve also been very well.
I wanted to deliver the news to you so I’m writing this letter.
With the end of Double A’s comeback activities I am no longer Double A’s Juwon but actor Hwang Juwon.
I’ve been hoping and wanting for a long time with many struggles but this could be the end of those shortcomings.
Thank you so so much to the W’s I love, to those who have supported me up until now, as for activities together with Double A, I have great memories, memories I will cherish my whole life!
Please also support and look forward to my acting career.
Finally please give the upcoming Double A album lots of love.
W I love you.
We are the one! Double A![/quote]

Tomorrow, AA will release an MV for new song ‘2nite x3’ as a tribute to Joowon.

[translation by Mimi♡]
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