Ze:a donate party concert proceeds to charity

ZE:A successfully held their first party concert called Na:Num on December 26th in Seoul. (Party concerts are concerts that are more interactive with fans). It was packed with hundreds of fans both Korean and foreign wearing red coats, ribbons and hats, in order to keep the festive spirit. Stalls were fundraising for the event before the concert with proceeds going to ‘Good People’, an internation development NGO. In a short time, the event raised 2,959,000 won which is equivalent to £29,215.67 GPD

The concert which was called ‘Na:Num’ means to share. Na:Num is one of the charity events that ZE:A will be holding, they’ve said that they hope to have more party concerts in the future to help fund raise for charity, whilst having fun with thier fans. ZE:A will be holding many volunteer activities in 2012.

Before the concert started fans wrote their wishes in a piece of paper and stuck it on the ‘tree of wishes’.  During the concert 9 fans were able to fulfill their wishes, which were to hug and be seranaded by the members. Most of the fans had picked MinWoo and HyungSik. There was also a raffle event in which the 10 winners will be able to join ZE:A in the new year  in a vlunteer activity. As an encore, fans were invited onto the stage to dance with ZE:A , and then threw gifts to the fans from a sack of gifts.


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