Yun Ho Library of elementary school built by Chinese DBSK fans

Chinese fans built ‘Yun Ho library’ in Chung Am elementary school to celebrate Yunoyunho’s birthday. They donated 1699 books, stationery, bookshelf and desks along with necessary items for library.

Fans said that Yunoyunho is honest and passionate, whenever they hear about his good deeds, they are unspeakably impressed. They have a desire to convey his love to others.

They also added, “We could have built a library since Youth Foundation and Red Cross had a plan to build a library, but we wanted to build a library, choose books and put a sign ‘Yun Ho library’ by ourselves in order to feel happy as volunteers. We hope that children learn valuable things through these books and Yunoyunho will be pleased by a ’Thank-You’ message from children.

DBSK will complete a successful tour of Japan in June and is expected to have a huge fan meeting.

Source:Baek Eunji(sportschosun)


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