Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’ Practice Video Released


BEAST’s Yoseob recently made his solo debut with the album ‘The First Collage’, and has thus been promoting his title track, ‘Caffeine’, performing on several music broadcasts. As well as his usual great vocal skills, the singer has also been displaying his dance ability. Prepix’s Haw, the choreographer of the dance for ‘Caffeine’, uploaded the practice video for Yoseob. Watch it below:



In the video we can see Yoseob’s sharp moves, along with members of the Prepix dance group. The moves flow smoothly throughout, and the talents of both the backing dancers and the vocalist are clear. At the very end of the video we also see Yoseob and the Prepix dancers break away from the track’s choreography, executing some more elaborate moves.

Yoseob so far has made his solo debut on Music Bank, Inkigayo and Music Core.

What do you think of Yoseob’s solo promotions so far?




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