Yong Junhyung, Kim Jaejoong And Zico ” We have different path to be a composer”


Idol turn be composer, BEAST’s Yong Junhyung, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Block B’s Zico had interviewed together. When the shooting star, Jaejoong complained about his apperance. He joked, “My stylist dressed me younger-looking today. In case I looked older than these guys….”.
Yong Junhyung said ” We don’t have younger face tough.”


Yong Junhyung had a rap featuring in Kim Jaejoong’s song “Don’t Walk Away” last year. In other hand, Zico had worked with Yong Junhyung on an album before his debut in Block B. The three of them have similarity is the fact that they are “idol singers with composing abilities.” According of Korean Music of Copyright Assosiations, Yong Junhyung wrote 60 songs, Jaejong 37 songs, and Zico 46 songs. It makes them popular as talented composer.

Kim Jaejoong had been start to composing since in DBSK era. His first composing included in DBSK’s 4th album. That was “Love don’t cry” in 2008. Yong Junhung started composing since during his trainee days to escape the suffocating dorm life and repetitive days. “I would ask to for permission to visit Shinsadong Tiger’s studio”. His first song included in BEAST’s 1st full album was”Freeze”. Block B’s Zico started to composing because his past company didn’t have a producer available, he decided that he would have to take charge. However, he dream to be “high technician as rapper” rather than composer. As a rapper,Zico and Yong Junhyung had been even battle in a sites by viewer polling.


Composing songs ranging from dance, ballad, pop, hip hop, rock, and more, they each had their way of composing. “The order to composer a song might be different, but the process we go through is the same. Even though it might be really good song written by a different person, we don’t get tempted to just simply work off it. We have an open mind.”

When Yong Junhyung said that he pushed for having ‘Caffeine’ as BEAST’s Yang Yoseob’s solo title song, Zico and Jaejoong joked, “isn’t it because you put in your own break up experience in the song?”.


credit photo by yonhap news

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